Learn how our Google log-in and Grid structure updates can streamline your thinking process and maximize your creative mind!

Xmind deeply values our users and is dedicated to enhancing the user experience. That's why we are thrilled to introduce the most demanded update - Google account log-in!

Another piece of good news? The new Grid structure, designed to ignite your creativity further, is now open to you.

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Save Time with Google Account Sign-In

No more jumping between emails during your daily tasks - Google log-in is now available in our latest Xmind version.

Sign in Xmind with Google

Line up Your Mind with The Power of Grid

Introducing the Grid structure, a simple chart structure that transforms jams into orders. Learn why Grid is the ONE structure you would love:

Multiple Topics in One View

Lost in the endless length of your knowledge map? Now you can organize multiple mind maps at once, and view all book chapters in a one-pager grid.

Xmind Grid Structure

Expand One Idea into Many

Are you a divergent thinker eager for idea generation? Expand from a core 3x3 table to a 9x9 grid and explore the depths of your mind with the Mandala thinking model.

Mandala Chart with Xmind

One-for-all DIY Board

Tailor your creative needs with customizable grid columns and colors (now available in Xmind Beta ). You can display your artwork, organize monthly plans, and showcase anything you cherish on a versatile grid.

Design with Xmind Grid Structure

The best ideas start with a clear mind. Keep exploring with Xmind!

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