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New, Save, Import/ Export and Print

Create New Mind Maps

There are several ways to create a new mind map.

  • Launch Xmind, choose New in the pop-up window.


  • Launch Xmind, choose Library or Template in the pop-up window, and double click on the one you like. Library collects mind maps from Xmind users in the world, in which you might find inspirations in their works.

  • Menu bar: File > New/ New From Library/ New From Template


  • Shortcuts
    Windows: Ctrl + N
    Mac: + N

  • Quick Entry (Available on Mac)
    In Mac, Quick Entry helps to record ideas in a note-like manner, and transform into a map. Click Create Map for a mind map view.

    image image

Open Files

  • Menu Bar: File>Open. Open .xmind files directly.
  • Double-click .xmind files, or right-click and choose [open in Xmind].

Open Recent Files

If the file has been edited or opened recently, you can find it here. (Also available for website version).

  • Menu Bar: File > Open Recent.


  • Launch Xmind, and choose the file in the pop-out window.

Import Files

Xmind supports multiple file formats such as MindManager, FreeMind, MindNode, Word (DOCX only), Markdown, OPML, TextBundle, Lighten, etc.

  • Menu Bar: Menu > Import image

Save Files

  • Menu Bar: File > Save If the file is saved for the first time, please follow the in-app instructions to rename the file and save it. If the file has been saved before, it will be saved automatically.

  • Menu Bar: File > Save as for saving the file to a new path.

  • Shortcuts
    Windows: Ctrl + S.
    Mac: + S

File Cache

Menu Bar: File > File Cache.

It is recommended to save your mind map manually in case of file loss. If the content is lost due to accidental shutdown, you can find it in File > File Cache (please update to the latest version).

Export Files

Xmind currently supports exported file formats such as PNG, SVG, PDF, Excel, Word, OPML, TextBundle, Markdown, etc.

  • Menu Bar: File > Export.


Share Files

Xmind also offers online library to save and manage mind maps, and you can share files via email, social media, Evernote, Biggerplate, etc.


Xmind Online Library

Save mind maps in online library, and manage them easily. Log into your Xmind account at Xmind official website, hover the mouse on the avatar icon in the upper right corner, and click My Maps to check your mind maps.


You will see Featured, Public, and Private on the right.

  • Featured refers to the maps that are selected and displayed in Xmind gallery where people are able to view and download. You can always choose whether to be featured in Xmind gallery . Mindmaps.



  • Public refers to the mind maps you shared as public links in Xmind which allows users to view.

  • Private keeps the mind maps which shared as private links in Xmind, and they can only be accessed by you.

Xmind offers various printing options, including: Content, Page Size, Layout, Scale, and Background Color, etc.


  • Menu Bar: File > Print

  • Shortcuts
    Windows: Ctrl + P
    Mac: + P

Find out more mind map printing tips here.

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