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Xmind supports multiple sheets in a single .xmind file. If you need more than one canvas to convey your story, you might consider create mind maps in different sheets.

Edit Sheet

New Sheet

There are 3 ways to add a new sheet:

  • Move the mouse to the bottom left (sheet bar) of the window. Click + to add new sheet.


  • Menu Bar: Choose Insert > New Sheet.


  • Menu Bar: You can also add a new sheet from a Topic. You will be creating a sheet about this Topic you choose. Choose the Topic, and Insert > New Sheet from Topic in the menu bar.

  • Choose the Topic, Right-Click then choose New Sheet From Topic


Besides, You can Rename, Copy, Duplicate, and Delete the sheets. Hover the mouse on the sheet, and click on the arrow to choose actions, or Right-Click the sheet.

Note: Sheets will be saved in one .xmind file.

Save Sheet As

A sheet can be saved as a .xmind file.

  • Hover the mouse to the Sheet Bar and Click the arrow on the sheet, then choose Save Sheet As.

  • Right Click the sheet, and choose Save Sheet As.


Drag and Adjust Sheet

Besides drag and adjust the sheet with touchpad, you can also use the mouse:

  • Scroll the Mouse/Touchpad.
  • Click and hold the right key of the Mouse.
  • Drag the central topic.

Format Panel

Format Panel helps to change the theme, and background color of the map. There are different styles for the branch including: Multi-branch Color and Tapered Line. Besides, Advanced Layout supports Auto Balance Map, Branch Free-positioning, Flexible Floating Topic, Topic Overlap and CJK Font settings.


  1. Themes: Change the theme whenever you feel like it when mind mapping.

  2. Background Color: Add or hide background color , and you can also set the background color with hex color code.

  3. Structure: Choose the structure that fits your mind map.

  4. Multi-branch Color: Make mind maps delightful to read.

  5. Tapered Lind: Make the lines on the map appear from thick to thin.

  6. Advanced Layout:
    Auto Balance Map: Make the mind map balance and organized. Flexible Floating Topic: Drag and place the topic freely on the mind map. Topic Overlap: Place the floating topic freely, even on another topic.

  7. CJK Font: Setting the layout of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts to display better with western typeface.

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