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The toolbar is placed on the top of the canva. You are able to find the essential elements to create a mind map.

1. Topic and Subtopic

Adding topics and subtopics is the basic operation to create a mind map. Select a topic you want to branch out from, then simply branch out a subtopic.

2. Relatioship, Summary, Boundary

In the middle of the toolbar, you can find the most common elements for mind mapping: Relationship, Summary and Boundary. Relationship allows you to connect any two seperate topics. Use Summary to wrap up several subtopics contents and use Boundary to make idea blocks.

3. Insert

Toolbar helps to add additional information quickly, such as, note, label, link, attachment, audio note, local image, and equation.

4. ZEN Mode

Zen Mode allows you to concentrate in creating mind maps with no distractions. Turn on the timer and switch to dark mode for a more immersive experience.

5. Pitch Mode

Pitch Mode transforms the traditional way of presentation. It's only one-click away to animate your mind maps into a slide show.

6. Format

Format panel contains various modifications which you can use to change up the details in your mind maps.

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