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Levels of Topic

There are four different levels of topics: Central Topic, Main Topic, Subtopic and Floating Topic.


  1. Central Topic: It is the central idea of the mind map, and it leads out the following main topics on the mind map.

    Note: The default name will be your central topic when saving the file.

  2. Main Topic: The first level of topics branched out from your central topic.

  3. Subtopic: The second level of topics branched out from your central topic.

  4. Floating Topic: Topic created in the blank space on your mind map canva. It is independent, and not connected with the main structure.

Add/Delete Topic

Add Main Topic

  • Toolbar: Choose the Central Topic, and click Topic.


  • Menu Bar: Choose the Central Topic, and click Insert > Topic(After).


  • Shortcuts
    Mac: Return
    Windows: Enter

Add Subtopic

  • Toolbar: Choose the topic, and click Subtopic.


  • Choose the Topic, and and click Insert > Subtopic.


  • Shortcuts
    Windows/Mac: Tab

Add Parent Topic for Current Topics

  • Choose a Topic or multiple topics, and click Insert >Parent Topic.
  • Shortcuts Mac: + Return
    Windows: Ctrl + Enter

Add Floating Topic

  • Double-click on the blank space of the sheet.


  • Right-click on the blank space of the sheet, and click Insert > Floating Topic.


  • Menu Bar: Choose Insert > Floating Topic.


Delete Topic

Choose the topic, and press Delete, or right-click the topic and click Delete.

Delete Single Topic

Right-click the topic, and click Delete Single Topic.


  • Shortcuts Windows: Ctrl+ Delete
    Mac: + Delete

Edit Topic

There are 3 ways to edit topics as following:

  • Click to choose the topic, and type in your contents and it will automatically replace the original content.

  • Double-click the topic and type in. New contents will replace the default contents.

  • Choose the topic then press Space, and type in. New contents will replace the default contents.

Organize the Topic

Reorganize the Level of Topics

Xmind helps you to reorganize the topics by drag-and-drop.

  • Subtopic to Main Topic

  • Main Topic/Subtopic to Floating Topic

  • Floating Topic to Main/Subtopic

Note: Flexible Floating Topic and Topic Overlap help you to place floating topics freely without connecting to other topics.

  • Shortcuts of organizing topic sequence on the same level. Windows: Alt + Up/Down Arrow
    Mac: + Up/Down Arrow

  • Align Floating Topics Select all the Floating Topic, right-click and choose Align Floating Topic.

Change the Length of Topic

  • Select the target topic

  • Find and press Fit in the Format Panel to automatically size up with your texts. Or simply edit a suitable length.


Go to Central Topic

When making a big mind map, Go to Central Topic helps you to go back to the main points easily.

  • Click Edit > Go to Central Topic.


  • Right-click on the blank space, then choose Go to Central Topic.

  • Shortcuts Windows: Ctrl+ R
    Mac: + R

Style of Topic

Structure of Topic

Xmind has many useful structures for mind mapping, including: Mind Map, Logic Chart, Brace Map, Time line, Fishbone, Tree Chart, Org Chart, Matrix. Select the topic you want to change up the style of and go to format panel to find the one that fits your need.



Xmind offers many creative topic shapes. Select your target topic and change it in Shape in the format panel.


Fill and Border

You can fill in the topic with different colors, and change up the topic border. Also, uncheck the box if you don't want them.




Change your text style such as font, color, size, bold, align, etc in the format panel as well. Don't forget to always select your tartget topic first.



There are multiple branch styles you can switch up for subtopics.

Select the target topic and find Branch in the format panel.


Also, you can make your branches more colorful. Select the target topic and change the color for its branch.


Quick Style

In the format panel, Quick Style helps you to mark your Topics priority as: Very Important, Important, Cross Out, Default easily.


Update Style Quickly

You can apply a style to other same-level topics or all subtopics.

Select the topic which you wish to match others with. Click Update then choose whether to apply for all subtopics or just for same-level topics.

Copy/Paste/Reset Style

Styles can be copied and pasted, like texts.

  1. Right-Click target topic, and choose Copy Style. Right-Click another topic, and choose Paste Style.

  2. Click Reset Style for the default style.

Redo and Undo

Undo helps to go back to the previous operation.

  • Choose Edit in the Menu bar, and choose Undo.

  • Shortcuts
    Windows: Ctrl+Z
    Mac: + Z

Redo reverses your undo command.

  • Choose Edit in the Menu bar, and choose Redo.

  • Shortcuts
    Windows: Shift + Crtl+Z
    Mac: + + Z

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