Your Favorite Mind Toolbox Now Open on the Web

Your Favorite Mind Toolbox
Now Open on the Web
Experience the power of Xmind right in your browser with Xmind Works. Get access to powerful features, intuitive design, and cloud storage that makes it easy to work on your ideas anytime, anywhere.
Full-featured Mind Mapping
The Same as the
Native Apps.
Intuitive and easy-to-use, Xmind Works comes packed with powerful features and beautiful styles, making online mind mapping a breeze. Take your ideas to the next level with Xmind Works.
Cloud Storage
Store Files Safely
to Your Account.
Xmind Works provides 1 GB of FREE storage space. All your data is securely stored so you never miss a beat. You can also connect to popular cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
Share Link
Share Your Ideas
with the World.
Effortlessly share your mind map via a link and all viewers can observe your creative process in real-time. The entire permission of sharing is under your control, you can always stop sharing and make your files back to private again.
quickly and easily.
Xmind Works offers 30+ professionally designed templates to get your ideas flowing. Whether business, education, personal, or creative, there’s a template to fit your needs.
Try Xmind Works now!
Power up your mind mapping with Xmind Works.
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