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XMind for Team: All You Need to Know

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XMind for Team: All You Need to Know


Hello mind mappers! If you work with XMind daily and consider purchasing a team subscription plan for group projects, here’s everything you need to know about XMind’s multi-user subscription and management for teams.

Steps for Multi-user Subscription

We’ve covered a detailed blog article on how to purchase and register for multi-user subscription already, please go check it out .

Confirm the user number while purchasing login to your XMind account and invite your team members via email invited member confirms to join all set! you (the manager) can add or remove user accounts from the team subscription at anytime

XMind Team Subscription Makes Workday Easier

  • Easy to Manage

The owner (the primary email/account when purchasing) of the multi-user subscription is able to operate the addition/removal of team members through the management center. We strive to make your managing process smooth and quick, without unnecessary procedures. It is therefore easy for the owner/manager to invite new members onboard or remove users when they resign.

  • High Efficiency for Team Projects

Multi-user subscription of XMind is perfect for team projects, as it facilitates team communication. Exchanging files and making changes to a marketing campaign outline or project timeline with XMind between team members are effortless and efficient.

Enterprise Pricing

For enterprise pricing, we offer premium service for all-sized enterprises around the world, from startups to global firms. Please email with your company information and needs to ask for a quote.

  • (SME) Small & Medium Business Edition: for teams and companies with 50~999 members
  • (VLE) Volume License Edition: for enterprises with more than 1,000 members
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