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User Guide for XMind (2021)

A step-by-step guide with explanation to help you get the most of XMind (2021). Whether you are a new-comer or an experienced mind mapper, there’s always something here to help and enlighten you.

What's Mind Mapping

It starts from a central topic, and connects other ideas/topics of images or keywords with lines. The visual structure shows gaps in information quickly and relationships between ideas clearly. It is an expression of radiant thinking and you can sort details and recognize relationships among the details easily.

Mind mapping is a technique that involves both the left and the right sides of the brain to absorb new ideas and requires your brain to build the connections of the ideas. The visualization process during mind mapping helps you to organize new information and correlate them with others.

What’s New

Pitch Mode
A click to play your mind map like a slideshow with layouts and transitions of Pitch Mode.

Right structure, better mind map. We've covered other elements of the structure.

Color Theme
Blend colors with the skeleton, and you will be surprised with the possibilities.

Tree Table
Develop your ideas like tree branches. It's clear to identify whole-part relations.

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