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Audio Note Sets Your Hands Free

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Audio Note Sets Your Hands Free

Taking notes in meeting or lecture can be a bit of challenge, not mention making mind maps. You are required to be a multi-task expert - concentrate on the current situation, extract useful information, while your hands lag behind, trying so hard to catch up with your mind. All this turns out to note with scribbles and filled with who-knows figures or symbols.

You need Audio Note for sure - an effective way of input yet effortless.

What is Audio Note? Different from images, context, Audio Note consists of Recordings. It can be any topic to sync with text on mind maps, elaborating further on correspondent topics.

Why Audio Note? Input efficiency is the key for making mind maps, especially on mobile devices. Inspiration is always fleeting, and an instant capture is a cure. We added Audio Note on XMind for iOS, and improved input efficiency greatly. Later on, Apple also implements similar interaction on iOS 12.

3 Steps for Audio Note Audio Note is available on XMind for iOS and XMind: ZEN Desktop.

XMind for iOS:

  1. Select the Topic, click Add icon on the upper right corner

  2. Click Record icon to start recording

3. Name the Audio Note as a topic

XMind: ZEN Desktop (Mac/Windows)

  1. Select the Topic

  1. Click Insert Audio Note

  1. Click Record icon to start recording


Try Audio Note in meeting, lecture or simply at the inspiration knocks the door. Set your hands free and focus on what matters most.


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