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Refuel Inspirations in Your Mind Mapping Journey

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Refuel Inspirations in Your Mind Mapping Journey


Many users may find it hard to think and come up with creative layouts and color combinations while trying to graph mind maps. Though template options are available, curious mappers seek inspiration on social media platforms to always create something challenging and impressive. Therefore, in this following article, we will be talking about where to find the best mind map inspiration on the internet in order to create or replicate some awesome mind maps with XMind.

The first platform that we would like to introduce you to is the Mindmap Gallery page. This page contains some of the selected, well-made and creative mind maps graphed by our talented XMind users. People are able to browse and download any listed mind maps they like and edit with XMind app directly. Most work expand on top of existing templates with organized and complicate structures, which saves lots of time when tempting to graph something similar.


Social Media

Not to mention as the major source of mind map inspiration, social media has become the main channel for people to intake knowledge, communicate with friends and strangers, influence society, and more and more. In the following, we will list some of the most useful social media platforms for mind mappers to get inspired.

Pinterest Many people in art-related industries tend to use Pinterest for inspiration. This social media network acts as a bulletin board and allows users to share images associated with projects and goods. A designer friend of us admits that he would sometimes check related Pinterest design pins to find ideas for color combo or layout before starting to design an event poster. As you may not know, there are also many pinboards listing beautifully made mind maps on Pinterest - a great source for mappers to utilize.


  • Search keywords: mind map, mind mapping ideas, brainstorm, brainstorming, brainstorming ideas, etc.

We also have XMind Pinterest page with XMind 2020 - Mind Maps board been updated regularly, so make sure to check out our pins when seeking inspiration!


Many social players strive to market their social media content more successfully with a selection of hashtags. There’s a great possibility that posts in #hashtag on Instagram are good-quality content and graphs, making #tag pool a great visual resource for mappers to explore. Global mind mappers tend to add mindmap-related hashtags to gain exposure, and their work can be of great inspiration. For example, here’s a screenshot of the #mindmapping.


  • Search #tag: #xmind #mindmapping #mindmap #mindmaps #brainstorm #brainstorming

And of course, the XMind official Instagram account can be another inspiration pool for users as we update new, well-made and creative mind maps on a daily basis. Be sure to follow and check our posts regularly!


**Twitter **

Though content on Twitter may not be as visually intensive as Instagram, you can still find inspiration using the #Explore feature. Some XMind users directly post the mind map public links via Twitter posts so that anyone can open and download the maps. Other non-XMind users or hand-drawn mappers will also post relevant tips and maps for you to reference.

  • Search #Explore: #XMind #mindmap #mindmapping #mindmaps #brainstorm #brainstorming

Xmind has official Twitter account as well! We post and retweet tons of useful content and information on Twitter including tips, tutorials and blogs, so please make sure to follow and learn with us!


There are more platforms out there, but the ones we’ve introduced above already contain some of the best inspirational mind maps you can find online. Be sure to check them out, and again, have fun with mind mapping :)

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Jun 11, 2020
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