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Follow us across platforms and find content you need. In the following article, we are going to briefly talk about our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.


Our official profile page - we primarily use it to post our official product updates, new release information and blogs.


Twitter @xmind

If Facebook is our official profile page, Twitter is place for our mind mapping community to thrive! We love to interact with XMind users around the world over the Twitter platform, to like, comment and retweet your amazing mind map work. Go follow our Twitter account, tag us and share your work ;)


YouTube @XMind

We’re bringing our YouTube channel back - subscribe now if you don’t want to miss any exciting videos and tutorial content!


In our Feature Introduction series, our colleague Amber introduces every useful XMind features and further show you how to use each feature in different mind maps with examples, while in Map with Me series, she will set a mapping theme ahead and present the whole mapping process, with some tips and tricks covered as well.

Check out below to see what videos like!

Instagram @xmindofficial

If you’re looking for varied mind map content, then follow our Instagram to see daily posts of well-made mind maps. Our profile page is a collection of beautiful mind maps graphed in XMind by our colleagues and global users.


Pinterest @xmindofficial

If you are not an Instagram person, that’s fine! We will bi-weekly (once in two weeks) update the Instagram mind maps to the Pinterest account as well. Follow our Instagram if you wish to be updated with new mind maps daily; if not, then go regularly visit our Pinterest page to find some inspiration!


We hope to bring you the best mind mapping experience, provide good educational content and share amazing mind maps across all social media platforms for our millions of global users to access. If you have any questions or simply want to share your work, feel free to contact us via emails and social media accounts ;)

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