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How Do We Use XMind for a Jolly Christmas

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How Do We Use XMind for a Jolly Christmas


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.

We’ve offered a planning guide for organized Christmas with XMind, and we would love to have something different this year. We asked several colleagues to share how they use XMind to prepare Christmas, and make it an XMas unforgettable filled with joy.

Mind Map a Tree with Friends

As mind mapper lovers, Anne and Miko love to explore the possibilities of combing the elements inside XMind. This year, inspired by the paper Christmas tree, environmental-friendly indeed, inside the office, they decided to give it a try for a mind map tree.

Using Topic Shape and Relationship, Anne surprisingly found everything goes pretty smoothly. She drafted 4 trees in the beginning, and handed to Miko for finishing touch.


Miko came up with ornaments and snowy background to make it look like Christmas. Check this video, and find out how she made it.

Decorate Christmas Tree Together

As a father of 2 children, Carl enjoys to decorate the tree with the family in this holiday season. Instead of getting hands on in a rush like previous years, he invites the kids to brainstorm and discuss the decorations, and combination and quantity together on the iPad before purchasing this year. Carl also seeks for sustainable recycle way for this year’s Christmas tree.

Draw on the image of the central topic while discussing with the family.

Keep developing the mind map, make sure everyone gets the opportunity to speak up and listen to others. Here comes the tree :)


XMind for Mobile performs smoothly as XMind for Desktop. Carl can later keep editing this mind map on the Desktop, and export it as a PNG on the phone when shopping with the family.

Gift Tracker

Make sure everything settles down for your loved ones.

Last year, Natalia forgot to prepare the gift for one of her best friends because she was running out of time. This year, she built a gift tracker with XMind and prepared everything in advance.

Matrix is here to help. You can add notes in Main Topic, put names in Subtopic, finally, use Marker to mark the progress. Natalia said she was satisfied when putting the last tick in this mind map. Click and download this template for the beloved one.


If you haven’t decided the gifts yet, no worries, find the perfect Gift with XMind here.


Filled the room with food fragrance and the Christmas notes is Kevin’s magic tricks. As the chef and DJ of the house, Kevin always prepares DJ list in advance.

This year, he decides to build a new Christmas playlist added up with a bit jazzy and nostalgic flavor. Thanks to Timeline structure, he sorts out his favorite pieces of different decades.


To make it look like a playlist, simply change its structure with just a click.


After building the playlist , Kevin generates a link and insert it in the Christmas Planner, along with other sessions. By the time, he could just click it and enjoy the dinner with the music.


Need help for building a Christmas planner, we got your back. Click here and plan ahead for leisurely day.

Fun Family Reunion Game

Rose wants to help members of the family get bounded more, so she decided to have a game called “Who Knows Me Better”. It’s a game with a series of questions about that person, and you have to write down the correct answers.

The structure of mind map is a natural good fit for this, main topic can be the hero/heroine’s name, while subtopics are the question.


You can fold the topics to prevent sneak peeks till the game begins. Both Pitch Mode, and ZEN Mode is good option for playing the game. You can simply play it with a computer or holding a tablet.

It’s pretty incredible of using your product for both work and life. It's filled with surprises and inspiration. There’s always a new way to unlock a new scenario, tips and tricks, and who knows.

Our office is now filled with the joy of the holiday season, and I’ll go and unwrap my gift, so that’s it for today, have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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