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How Does Pitch Mode Make Linda an Outstanding Storyteller in College?

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How Does Pitch Mode Make Linda an Outstanding Storyteller in College?


Linda is a sophomore in college. She is preparing for a midterm presentation on a business topic about the marketing initiatives and challenges met by the Universal Studio Japan in the recent 20 years. Linda is concerned about how to connect slides in a story-telling approach and make her presentation more entertaining to her classmates. Finally, she finds XMind Pitch Mode is her best solution, outweighing any other traditional presentation tools she ever used.

Map your slides from a holistic perspective.

In a traditional PowerPoint way, Linda first would need to create a PPT document and continue adding slide pages in a one-way vertical direction along with her research progress. This one-directional method hinders her thinking progress when trying to create a logical, organized and cohesive story. Constantly jumping from different slides makes her losing track easily of what she’s planning to tell.

Pitch Mode in XMind solves Linda’s frustration easily because it allows you to create a presentation and map your slides from a holistic perspective. Without having to bring pieces of slides together as a whole in PowerPoint, Linda uses a mind map to first outline her presentation structure and then break it into pieces to collect information.


Once she has this layout in hand, Linda starts to research information and read related articles to draft her speech and presentation content. Adding bullet points into her mind maps allows Linda to be concise with her texts, leaving only the most important points.


She is also able to insert photos into the topic boxes for more visual information. XMind allows users to edit the inserted photos including their size, border, shadow and opacity. Sometimes, show, do not tell!


Make your presentation easy and fun for the audience.

Once Linda has finished her mind map (aka. presentation content), all she needs to do is to click the Pitch button on the top right of the navigation bar. Many classmates’ presentations are all in a form of PowerPoint, and Linda’s mind map attracts the audience’s attention in the first place. It is very structured as a whole, and her audience can grasp the upcoming presentation theme quickly by checking the mind map outline.

Inform your audience what the story is about at a glance, get people interested in the presentation and then lead them to dive into the details. Linda’s soft and medium-paced voice in addition to the following Pitch Mode’s smart and smooth transitions between text and graphs direct the audience’s eyes throughout her entire presentation.

The audience easily stays on track with Linda’s presentation and is constantly aware of what has been talked through, what new points are coming next and in which content section they locate during the overall presentation.

Many features can be adopted by the Pitch Mode and present in a clear way. For example, Linda uses the Summary feature to conclude the new marketing concepts and solutions into a Rebranding Marketing Plan for execution.

Right after finishing her speech, Linda receives a round of applause from her professor and classmates who comment that this story-telling approach in combination with a mind map structure has been the most innovative, effective and entertaining presentation they’ve ever experienced.

One click to transfer structure seamlessly.

After the midterm presentation, Linda needs to hand in a paper document of presentation file to the professor. Instead of directly submitting the mind map, she prefers to transfer and organize the texts into a more systematic and cleaner format. XMind does the job for her in one click! Every structure in XMind can be transferred almost seamlessly. Linda only needs to change the Structure of her content, and she picks Matrix or Tree Table for a squared look.

She exports, prints out and hands in this Matrix structure of her presentation content, and she scores A for the midterm report and receives the highest peer assessment score from the classmates.


Linda is so glad that she finds XMind to be her best pal when it comes to brainstorming, studying notes and even doing a presentation. With the help of XMind, Linda believes she is on her way to becoming a smart learner, fast thinker and outstanding storyteller.

Try the newest version of XMind (with new features including Pitch Mode, Tree Table, new themes, etc.) and join Linda and millions of XMind users’ development journey NOW.

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Jun 17, 2021
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