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How to Integrate Ulysses with XMind for Better Writing

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How to Integrate Ulysses with XMind for Better Writing


Everyone needs writing in their lives - whether it is a new idea, a poem, a chapter, or whatever else and sometimes, you just need an exclusive app that is built just for writing.

Capture your ideas with Ulysses - an ultimate writing app for everyone, running on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Ulysses embraces writers of all kinds with a pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management, fast syncing, and versatile export options.

Writing with Ulysses is Enjoyable

Writing in Ulysses, it is easy, intuitive, and immersive.

Click New Sheet (⌘N), and you are all set to record whatever is in your mind. Rearrange your work by splitting one sheet, or you can merge or glue sheets when exporting. Ulysses provides beautiful standard themes that makes writing feel like home. You can also create a theme by modifying an existing one or importing one of your own.


Write Smarter and Better

Ulysses not only helps you write, but also knows how to help you write better. The Ulysses’s Dashboard, a trustworthy partner you can rely on, knows all the important details about your writing. The dashboard allows you to monitor your progress. You can also set yourself a writing goal, that is, a word or character limit you would like to achieve.

We all want the writing looks accurate and free of mistakes. Ulysses’s advanced grammar and style check analyzes the text and flags the mistakes in your writing. You can notice and fix grammar or typo issues easily, but also get useful suggestion on redundancy, punctuation, style, and more. The most excited thing is, this built-in tool supports in over 20 languages, including English, French, German, Chinese, etc. Find out more about this incredible tool here.


Organize the Sheets with Library

Finding specific sheets can be difficult if you’ve written a lot, but not with Ulysses.

The Ulysses Library keeps an eye on everything you’ve written and makes it organized and well- structured, so that you can focus on ideas and writing. Organize the projects and texts with groups. Each group contains an unlimited number of sheets, and you can have an unlimited number of groups. Name different groups, and pick an icon for each of them.


Versatile Export Means More

There are different export formats in Ulysses: rich or plain text, Markdown file, HTML code, PDF, Word documents and eBooks. Built-in export styles allows you to present writings for different situations. Your writing is always properly formatted and styled in different formats. The built-in live preview offers an instant view of changes, and you can always know the output ahead. For WordPress and Medium users, Ulysses helps them to write and publish blogs in the same place.

Integrate XMind with Ulysses

Before writing, a framework of the core idea, main points, and content helps you to write smoothly.

If you are feeling clueless, brainstorming is a solution for solving this problem. Scatter as many ideas as you have in XMind. Based on this mind map, diverge or try to find connections between them. During this process, you might find new inspiration, and gradually find connections between topics. You may surprisingly find that this mind map becomes the framework, which you can use to trace the writing process.

Export the mind map as Markdown or TextBundle (if it contains images) files and open with Ulysses. In Markdown, your topics will be interpreted as headings in a corresponding hierarchical order.


It also works the other way around: If you write a nested list in Ulysses, or work with headings of various levels, you can export it as Markdown or TextBundle, and open the file with XMind, et voilá: That’s your mind map.

Write and Record Idea Anywhere, Anytime

Ulysses helps you to write whenever and wherever you are. Via iCloud, your whole library syncs back and forth between all connected devices, and you can pick up where you left off. If you prefer working on an exclusive device, Ulysses helps you to store them locally.

Get Ulysses

For more information about Ulysses, visit their website. You can find Mac version of Ulysses easily on Mac App Store, and Setapp, and the version for iPad and iPhone can also be found on the App Store. Ulysses offers a monthly or a yearly subscription with free trial of 14 days on all devices.

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