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X'Talk: How To Regain Work-Life Balance With Xmind While Freelancing?

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X'Talk: How To Regain Work-Life Balance With Xmind While Freelancing?


As a former educator and now a freelance information designer and content creator, Sathyanand S is keen to help people simplify complex messaging into engaging communication through his content and visuals, and to make great ideas easily accessible and digestible. In this blog, he shares with us how he uses Xmind and mind mapping to rebalance work and life.

Sathyanand S :

Oh! My oldest Xmind is dated 2014. So I’ve been using Xmind for quite a while. If you are reading this article, you already know the basic benefits of mind mapping / Xmind.

Here’s a very practical use case!

As a freelance creator and consultant, I have the freedom to do anything, anytime. But that freedom started messing up with my life, due to a lack of structure and uncertainty.

To counter it, I’ve been trying to develop a routine (morning & evening) and also a work routine (must-do daily tasks) for myself.

And here’s the result.

I used Xmind to chart out my routines and now use this as a beacon to inform my daily routines and structure.


I use Xmind also for other professional reasons :)

  1. For Thinking
  2. For Learning
  3. For Communicating


A few of my favorite features that I love about in Xmind are:

  • A range of templates and styles for creating mind maps.
  • The ability to add notes, images, and other media to mind map nodes.
  • Export options, allowing users to save mind maps in different formats and share them with others.
  • Ability to expand the concept by using nested mind mapping or ‘add new sheets’ feature in Xmind image

Here I would like to share with Xmindists my favorite mind map made with Xmind

  • Using mind mapping for journaling


  • A mind map to spec out the websites & content


As a creator & non-linear thinker, here are 3 potential benefits that I get out of mind mapping with Xmind

  1. Improved creativity - Xmind helps me generate and organize ideas, making it easier to come up with new concepts and perspectives.
  2. Enhanced planning and organization - Xmind helps me plan and structure others' work, allowing me to see the big picture and break down complex tasks into manageable chunks.
  3. Better communication - As a non-linear thinker, Xmind also helps communicate my ideas to others in a clear and concise way, as they provide a visual representation of complex concepts.

I prefer to use three adjectives to describe mind mapping with Xmind:

  1. Visual - With Xmind I can create visually stunning mind maps with a visual representation of ideas and concepts, using a central concept and branching out to related ideas.
  2. Flexible - The digital nature of mind maps made on Xmind means that they can be easily modified and adapted as new ideas are added or existing ones are changed, allowing me to explore their thoughts and ideas in a dynamic way.
  3. Communicating - Those colorful mind maps that I make with Xmind can be exported and downloaded in various formats. This way I can easily share with others, on social media or otherwise - making them a useful tool for collaboration.

This is a user story shared by Sathyanand S, slightly abridged.

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