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Introducing XMind Gears - Mind Mapping Notebook, Canvas Bag, T-shirt, and More

Introducing XMind Gears - Mind Mapping Notebook, Canvas Bag, T-shirt, and More

We are living in a society at a faster pace rushing into the future. Writing with a piece of paper and a pen seems to be a very last option in this scenario. But the privilege of witnessing your ideas floating and coming into life on the paper can never be replaced.

XMind dedicates to bring the best mind mapping products across all the devices, and we also hope you can enjoy the feeling of being surrounded with XMind, to be blessed with inspiration sparkles.


Mind Mapping Notebook - Nostalgia and Smooth

Mind mapping happens on a piece of paper or on on any tablet. That’s how this notebook come from - help you to jot down what’s in your mind intuitively.

This mind mapping notebook, as its name goes, is exclusively designed for mind mapping. We’ve prepared the most classic mind mapping structure in it, with instructions and demo mind mapping in the beginning pages.

image Double Bubble Map is helpful for finding similarities and differences.

image Logical Chart helps you to break down steps, or drill down further on the current topic you are diving into.

You can open and flatten the note book into 180 easily for making the best use of every inch on each page. The selected paper after multiple tests by our team to ensure the smooth writing experience no matter you are sitting in the cafe or on the subway to work.

Canvas Bag & Brooch - Simple and Trendy

Canvas bag has become an indispensable part of our life. Simple characters, along with soft material, you are ready to go.


Stuff the bag with notebook, mobile devices, and inspiration.


The brooch set includes 3 different pattern - a thinking man, scribbled lines, and XMind logo.


The brooches are made of textured cooper alloy with high density and less impurities. The color is vivid and comes to life. The butterfly buckles helps you to cling it on bags or shirts. A delight and unique decoration that never fails for any occasion.

T-shirt - Black or White

Ideas Grow On Trees, the slogan of XMind. Classic combination of black and white symbols our value of making products, simple but practical. Simply put the t-shirt on and show your friends or colleagues your secret productivity weapon.


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Avinash Priya
Feb 12, 2020
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