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Let’s Talk About Xmind & AI

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Let’s Talk About Xmind & AI

image Hey! I’m Brian, the founder and CEO of Xmind.

During this period, the field of artificial intelligence (AI) has undergone a major transformation, and we are in the early stages of a technological and market revolution. This is not just a revolution in AI, but a revolution for all of humanity.

Chapter 1

Unlike before, the biggest difference in this revolution is that artificial intelligence models are no longer solely focused on achieving precise results. In the past, AI models were designed to obtain accurate outputs, such as with the Apple Watch's fall detection feature. When a user falls down, the watch sends an SOS signal, and the model needs to make a precise calculation to determine whether the person fell or not, or whether they intentionally squatted down to do push-ups. This is where AI used to be: focused on achieving precise results.

However, there have been significant changes in the past six months due to global technological advancements. A new concept called Large Language Models (LLM) has emerged. Unlike previous models, LLM is not driven solely by precision but rather by human language, with the aim of achieving better human-machine interaction. Professional companies provide the large model, and app developers only need to fine-tune it to get the desired results instead of training their own models for each company.

Large models are characterized by their ability to understand human language. They are not designed to produce precise results but rather to make artificial intelligence more human-like and friendly. As the size of this model increases, its understanding of human language becomes more precise. This is known as AI Generated Content (AIGC), which uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate content.

Chapter 2

The birth of AIGC represents a significant change that extends beyond the creation of better chatbots. It has the potential to transform every aspect of internet products, just as personal computers, GUIs, and the internet did. AIGC is a revolutionary invention that will impact every detail and direction of our lives. Every product in every field will need to be reinvented to keep up with this technological advancement.

I often tell people that there have been two revolutions in the history of the internet. The first revolution was a change in user interaction, which greatly impacted individual users with inventions such as the touch screen on the iPhone. This transformed the user experience. The second revolution was a technological one that led to significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements. This had a major impact on the industry, but its effect on ordinary users was not as apparent, as with cloud computing.

However, the AIGC revolution is different. It will not only change the business operations of commercial users but also revolutionize the interaction and interface experience of ordinary users in software usage.

Everything is changing! or about to change… image

Chapter 3

What will be the most direct effect of this transformation for individual users? Microsoft has already provided us with a good case study.

Microsoft has already allowed 600 users to test their Microsoft 365 Copilot. Almost everyone agrees that Copilot has changed the way they work, greatly improving their efficiency and creativity. Whether you are creating a presentation, designing with drawing software, writing code with development tools, or even creating mind maps, you can benefit from artificial intelligence technology.

Although some people may worry that the power of AIGC will cause many to lose their jobs, this concern is unnecessary. In fact, AIGC can improve work efficiency, much like mind maps. The development of such tools can make work easier and more creative.

When it comes to "everything is changing", the field of mind mapping has seen limited changes since Xmind's founding in 2006. Many users feel that the current Xmind is not fundamentally different from the product they used ten years ago. However, we've been at the forefront of the industry, cultivating the field of mind mapping for more than a decade, and constantly considering whether the mind mapping industry will undergo a revolution. With the arrival of the era of AIGC, Xmind will once again lead the entire mind mapping industry in its transformation. image

Chapter 4

Xmind has released Xmind Copilot which is our primary attempt based on GPT 3.5/4. What can Xmind Copilot do for us? In short, it can expand ideas and efficiently generate articles with four main functions:

  • One-liner: Enter a sentence in the text box, and GPT can generate a mind map with one click based on this sentence.
  • Inspire Me: Expand your new ideas with one click, inspire more inspiration, and easily discover new ideas and creative points.
  • Outliner: Summarize the article ideas with one click and help you quickly obtain content summaries from complex content.
  • Ghostwriter: Help you efficiently write a logically clear article with one click.

We are always exploring new possibilities. In addition to the four existing usage scenarios, we will continue to improve and optimize the user interface. We are also enhancing the prompt and experimenting with multiple models. The current version of Xmind Copilot is only a prototype. Eventually, the various functions of this prototype will be merged into the main Xmind product. We are actively polishing its user interface and look forward to meeting with you soon.

Chapter 5

Xmind has always been a company that pays great attention to privacy, which is why our products are so popular. Users can be confident that their privacy is protected when using Xmind, thanks to our simple design.

If users choose to use AI functions, partially desensitized data will be sent to our servers or OpenAI's servers. However, no AI function will be turned on automatically unless actively clicked on. Your mind map will never be used as AI training data, sold to a third party, or retained on Xmind servers. The portion sent to OpenAI will also not be used as training data, according to the terms of the API we use. You can rest assured that your privacy is our top priority.

Chapter 6

Finally, let's look to the future.

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