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How Does Mind Mapping Help with Moving

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How Does Mind Mapping Help with Moving


Move to the first apartment, move to a new apartment, or move to a new house can be a milestone. However, when thinking about searching, packing, and other trivial things, it seems that moving is not that easy. Not to even mention the struggles to find the best option that meets different requirements, and also packing but stuck when facing items that accumulated these years.

Why not try moving out with mind mapping? It gives you a direct way for choosing the home that fits your budget, lets you know what the preparations and the next steps, and also prepares you well before and after the move-in. Follow the instructions below, and get ready for a stress-free moving with mind mapping :)

Decide the New Home

There are quite a lot that needs to be concerned before starting searching. Follow the steps below for a better start.

Craft the Budget

Before searching an apartment, you need to determine the budget - how much you can afford on the rent. Experts suggest that the rent spending no more than 30% of the annual income. What you can do is to list the known expenses, and estimate the unknown expenses. Using mind map to list down the items, and figure out the budget you have for the rent.


Search and Hunt the Apartment

Before the searching, determine the features and amenities that you truly need for the new apartment. List down the answers helps you to become productive, and ultimately find the appropriate apartment.


List and Compare the Qualities

Normally, there are several nominees after searching. List the proposed apartment, and ask for a walk-through. It helps you to know the actual condition of the apartment, the distance to the public transportation, and the security. Using Matrix to compare them in a direct way, and find the apartment you want.


Get Ready for Move-in

Awesome! We are a step closer for the move-in, but there are still a few things we need to deal with.

Get Paperwork Done

You’ll be asked to fill out several forms, or provide supporting documents. When it’s approved, you’ll be given a lease or rental agreement once you’re approved for an apartment. Read the lease carefully and make sure you’ve understood all the terms on it. Besides, make sure you’ve understood the rules and regulations of the management.

Pay Required Fees

There will always be additional fees when renting. Most apartments require a security deposit (usually equal to the rent amount) while a lot of places also require first month's rent, so please save money for these costs. Make sure you understand the additional fees and the amount you’ve got to pay in advance in case of illegal fees charging.

Walk-through and Set up

Do a walk-through with the landlord or the property manager which helps to spot the issues. Having a record of these issues proves that you are not responsible for these problems.


Before officially move in, double check if the electricity, water and gas will be set up by the time. If not, check the utility company which supply to building you are living. As for the Internet setting up, you can ask the landlord, property manager or search online.

Pack and Move the Belongings

Packing is a major pain for moving. Start packing in advance and get a better plan for that.

Make a Belongings Checklist

Go through all the belongings with mind maps, and consider or mark what are the things you need to bring with. You can either sort them out for different usages/room, or list them with tags.


Note: Declutter the belongings is a time-spent process filled with shock. It is always surprised to see different items accumulated these years scattered and hidden in unexpected corner.

Prepare Boxes and Labels

Make packing easy and unpacking organized. Prepare sturdy cardboard boxes, packaging tape and padding material for the belongings. Using mind maps to list down the total of the boxes and mark those with breakables or valuables.


Label different boxes so that you can tell what’s in it and where to put the boxes. It also helps you to pay attention for the valuables and breakables. After packing, check with the packing list to make sure there is no item left behind.

Note: Pack heavy items in small boxes, in case there are too many heavy boxes to move.

Removal Company or Friends

For large furniture items, it is quite hard for moving them all at once. Contact a removal company for professional moving service or ask friends/family members to help.

Move in and Fill in

Move the boxes to the right rooms and the spot they belong helps unpacking productively. It also helps you to know the things that you need but don’t have yet. For large furniture, search online for second-hand for money-saving.



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