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Big News: XMind Now Opens on Web!

Big News: XMind Now Opens on Web!

Mind mapping is about everything: jot down ideas, capture inspiration, record information and present them with others, etc. It happens everywhere: classroom, meeting, even on your way home, etc. That’s what comes for - make better mind mapping at anywhere, anytime.

image is the web version of XMind, and runs in any modern browsers. Connecting to Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive, allows you to access and open, edit, and save mind maps on the third-party drive directly. is as powerful as the desktop version. Switch between structures and themes, define styles of shape, text, branch, and add icon as the finishing touch, has retained the must-have features, and offers desktop experience.

Everything for Mind Mapping is Included

image is as powerful as the desktop apps. You can choose structure, define styles of topic shape, text, branch styles, etc. The graphics engine ensures the mind map made in is just as good as the one you made with desktop apps. Don’t forget stickers and markers, use it as a delight for the mind map.

Work with the Tools You Love

image connects with Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive. Open, edit and save in one place is reasonable in After connecting with the drive, you can retrieve the mind maps saved in the drive. Why not create a new mind map in, and save it to cloud in just a few clicks?

Loop Everyone in On Mind Mapping


Start working with is easy - just a few clicks, without download, or installation. Mind maps in can be saved as XMind files, PNG for different needs. Even better, supports Share Link which allows mind maps go further. The file can be download from the link, or save to the dropbox and open in Both individuals and teams at any size and kind can read, edit and save mind maps online, and get work done easily no matter where they are working from.

Mind mapping better and smarter with from today!

Try Xmind Free
Try Xmind Free
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