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Set Up Your Phone for Productivity (ft. XMind for Mobile)

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Set Up Your Phone for Productivity (ft. XMind for Mobile)


Check news after waking up, listen to music on subway, like friends’ posts on Instagram, meditate with the app before bedtime, we as the digital generation has trapped in the world of the internet and smartphones. It is predicted that by 2025, nearly 70% of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet. The thought that having my smartphone 24 hours a day with me and do everything with it seems to become a trendy lifestyle. Therefore, a set of useful digital apps on smartphones tends to be the most costless and convenient way for people to maintain productive work and lifestyles. And XMind is a must to install on your mobile.

Featured as a powerful multi-platform mind mapping software, XMind supports a wide range of devices, of course including a mobile version (available for both iOS & Android systems). Take our reviews on the Apple Store for instance, XMind, categorized as a productivity app, scores a 4.8 out of 5.0 among thousands of reviewers. Pretty convincing numbers, right? To boost phone productivity, we will be sharing some best tips in working scenes on XMind mobile version in the following article.

*Go download the App NOW if haven’t done so!

A Quick Intro

With all-new graphic engine and modern interface style, mind mapping on phone is as fast and powerful as on desktop. Our team makes sure users can be able to seamlessly brainstorm and edit their mind maps with the same features and functions at any time. A trial version is enough for you to start but there is also a paid version, check here to see the comparison. We recommend users to use iCloud or Dropbox to sync files between mobile and desktop platforms for their convenience.

Time to XMind on Phone

Record Ideas & Outline Quickly

An idea in a flash is an important source of inspiration in life and at work, and therefore it’s better for people to have a handy tool on phone to record their ideas in an organized fashion. The best tool here to help brainstorming and recording ideas is XMind!

For example, a manager needs to give a speech in front of the company and has some ideas/quotes burst out in mind on the subway back home. In this case, recording and outlining with XMind on phone using a mind map structure is definitely easier to later collect, reorganize, and expand upon speech ideas versus using a simple note page of the Notes App on iPhone.

A tip to always flip your phone screen to landscape orientation – better editing experience!

Take Audios Notes Whenever Necessary

Audio Note feature enables us to annotate topics without typing any texts. This feature on XMind mobile allows users to take important notes in a faster and more intuitive method.

Imagine you are sitting at a product meeting and using a timeline or mind map structure on XMind to take audio notes of brainstorming ideas and product discussion between colleagues. Audio note in each topic box is automatically organized - such a convenient way to later replay the audios on phone and summarize the meeting minutes!

This is a paid feature on mobile, so make sure to consider the full version to unlock and do more with XMind!

Review Maps Anytime & Do Small Edits

After syncing files across multiple platforms via iCloud or 3rd party drives, XMind users can access, review, and edit their mind maps easily with phones at any time. Frequent review of mind maps serves as a visual stimulus and benefits intentional memorization. It also facilitates the editing process by mirroring most features of the desktop onto the mobile system.

Let’s say if a biology major studies with XMind on desktop, he has his lecture notes transferring onto mind maps which are synced and copied to the XMind App on his iPhone as well. Any time fragments while commuting, waiting for lunch, or taking the elevator is well used by going over his well-made biology maps. The result is that he has spent less time but memorized the knowledge better in a logical manner. And if he locates a missing part of notes in class and wants to add immediately, it only takes him less than 20 seconds to edit the original map on his phone without having to open the computer.

See how great the XMind on mobile as a productive addition to your life? The scenarios above are only a part of benefits brought by this App. If wish to maximize work productivity with handy devices, you will be impressed once downloaded and integrated XMind App into work and life. Have fun with XMind App on phone ☺

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