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Study from Home & Stay Motivated Tips

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Study from Home & Stay Motivated Tips

How's everything going with your online school? In this following article, we interviewed some of our XMind student users who are doing online schooling and here is a list of useful tips for studying from home and staying motivated.


“Make sure to (at least try to) attend every class.”

Charlotte from the United States

If you are attending scheduled and live classes, then trying to make sure to attend every class. Though many courses are recorded for you to re-watch later, it is an immersive learning environment to help students with concentration. Meanwhile, the stress of making it to the classes will pull you out of bed and stay motivated to stick to a college schedule. Remember to take a break between classes, a powerful recharging moment. We get this, wake up friends!

Sometimes the change of scenery may help with concentration.”

Zheyun from China

Sitting in front your desk all day makes the whole studying process boring, repetitive and less motivated. A good (or at least a substitute) solution to this boredom is to make changes to your studying space, even changes are small. Add some green to your desktop, paste a new poster in front, or light up a candle aside; study at another corner of your room, bring your laptop to the outside dining room, or go to a nearby (and safe) café. These attempts of changing studying scenery can refresh your mindset and help with concentration and efficiency.

“Digital notes really come in handy.”

Ririka from Japan

When we don’t have access to college’s printing room anymore, digital notes are recommended for ones taking online classes. A paperless and organized note system is more convenient to file, track and review. For my note system, I mainly use OneNote for my digital notes when listening to lecture slides and XMind when reviewing for midterm and final seasons. Many of my friends also enjoy using GoodNotes, Notability, Ulysses and Google Docs for notetaking.


“Accept those demotivated moments, relax a bit and regain your control.”

Anna from Italy

“Why am I even doing this? Am I really learning?” Believe me, we all feel the same way along this endless online learning journey. This is perfectly normal. I feel these demotivated moments while watching recorded lectures and completing online lab assignments because sometimes I fail to see the purposes of doing this and am not sure whether I am actually learning something or not. To cope with these negative and self-doubtful emotions, my advice is to never give up on yourself. Accept the demotivated self, and find ways to relax a bit, but make sure to try to regain your control starting tomorrow. We are doing this all together.

“Find ways to connect with people, study with your friends on Discord!”

Brian from United States

My interaction with real people has decreased a lot, and at the same time, I have become reluctant to even message friends online, accumulating depressed emotions and social negativity. I started to notice the potential harm and danger in psychology and mental health when people are stuck at home for a long time due to social distancing. Decided to stop this struggle, I actively reach out to my friends and connect with more people online. By sharing stories and feelings with others, I am an outgoing, positive and strong person again. Recently, my friends and I hold weekly online study circles on Discord, while listening to music and studying together!

Thanks for your time reading this article. Hope everything goes well with your online classes. Try some of the tips shared by worldwide XMind student users! Try Xmind Free
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