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Don't Take Our Words for it. Take Theirs.

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Don't Take Our Words for it. Take Theirs.


We, the XMind team, have been kept saying that mind mapping is something beneficial, and XMind is one of the most powerful tools to facilitate brainstorming and mapping process.

Proposed and popularized by the British psychologist Tony Buzan, the modern “mind map” term literally “maps out” your ideas creatively and logically.

Now, how about we don’t talk today, enough of these professional definitions, and let others, millions of worldwide mind mappers and XMind users, to share with you from their personal stories and experiences. Let’s hear from them whether and how mind mapping works.

All following comments are excerpted from the App Store, Quora, Reddit, and other popular forum sites; the link to answers and credit to writers are included as well.

Mind Mapping – Does It Work?

Many people still hold a rooted doubt toward the effectiveness of mind mapping – is it just an exaggerated term? Does it really work?

We understand that it’s reasonable to have these concerns since the concept of mind mapping remains quite unfamiliar to the main public. But let’s hear out from people who’ve encountered mind mapping and used it during study, work and life and whether they agree upon its effectiveness or not.

@Sorina Stroia
“By using words, pictures, and diagrams, you are able to organize your thoughts in a way that helps you follow your train of thought. A recent article I read states that using a combination of words and pictures while studying is six times more advantageous for remembering information than words alone.”

@Amber Mitchell
“From my personal experience, I say mind mapping really does work. Graduated with straight As in Economics after using mind maps on paper to organize economic concepts and relationships for tests.”

@Say Keng Lee
“It is not necessarily the best study method, but it just happens to be one of the many useful graphical methods for note-taking and note-making in addition to idea generation.”

@Bruce Achterberg
“It just feels more freeing. What I really like is that it’s a quick, somewhat enjoyable way to generate ideas and see relationships between things. So I feel it’s less of a way of recording things, and more of a way of aiding thinking and idea-generation.
In other words, it helps me do stuff. That’s a great benefit.”

Mind Mapping – How Does It Help?

Once we’ve understood the benefits brought by mind mapping to millions of mappers, the next question rises - how mind mapping helps in specific ways?

A proven theory is far from enough, but only successful examples of its applications are reliable and persuasive evidence to support the argument that mind mapping does help. Therefore, we’ve found some testimonials of real-life applications with mind mapping in different fields.

@Tim Berry
“Mind maps can be excellent illustrations, and they can be added to summaries and pitches and business plans, like spreadsheets.”

@Olivia Camp
Problem Solving in math often means bringing together many stands of knowledge that are linked together, and I believe **mind map is an excellent tool to help you to prepare this.

For examples, there are formulas and algorithms to remember for the final exam, so a good preparation is to redraw the mind map replacing the words with an appropriate diagram formula, algorithm or keyword.”

“I started experimenting with mind mapping in middle school, used more in high school, mostly for learning and to-do lists. It helped to create better structure, which is important for me when writing and thinking.”

XMind – Is It Good?

After hearing from people about the effectiveness and applications of mind mapping, you finally decide to give it a try. When looking up for software tools, XMind’s 4.8/5.0 score appears on the top of the App Store and it is been recommended the most across social platforms.

Here comes to the crucial question – is XMind good? Is it really worth the time and money investment? There are hundreds of mind mapping and brainstorming software out in the market, and is XMind the one for you?

Instead of us introducing the greatness of our product, we’ve selected and pasted some comments and reviews out of millions of downloaded and paid users below to help you make a decision.

@RXINC-LLC from App Store
“Very proficient. It helps me to map out any idea at anytime. The power to move and connect multiple tasks and adjust or fine tune to make otherwise impossible things work is awesome. I did this all with the free version and now I am ready to upgrade to the full version of both mobile and desktop. Shout out and thanks to the developers.”

@Elsa Mekenzie
“I love it XMind 2020 and use for most of the time, and sometimes use its mobile version for reading on my phone. It's user-friendly and new-comer friendly. It offers handy structures, and the built-in template looks good.”

@Alex Eckley from Google Play Store
“Awesome tool for managing complex ideas and very helpful for me to organize and outline business plans and strategies. 5 stars!”

@Cynthia Jendrejcak
“I love XMind! I use it for novel and script writing (storyboarding, character details, timelines, et cetera). It's easy to work with and learn.”

@BrianKann16 from App Store
“Spectacular. This App is outstanding. So far the documents I have been able to produce are clear, communicative, beautiful, and that’s not to mention easy to learn and use. Highly recommend this App!”

@arpitbanjara from Instagram
“I love XMind.”

@Avi.G from App Store
“I have been trying to scope my subjects using this App and the experience so far has been amazing. You get a very neat interface and can get right into jotting down what’s important while the app takes cares of branching/mapping. The best part is that there’s tons of customization options and you can also add relationships, summaries, notes. Amazing job!”

@David Cannizzo from Google Play Store
“This app is very useful to remember thoughts you’ll probably forget. I’m a developer and sometimes have an idea for a program to develop, then I usually forget that. It won’t happen anymore, thanks to this app! Very, very useful.”

@Chankey Pathak from Google Play Store
“I’ve been using XMind since 2014. Hands down, the best mind mapping software. Thanks for making the app.”

And there are more and more comments like these about XMind… If you wish to become one of the smart mind mapper community and one of our satisfied users, then do it today!

Meanwhile, our team would like to take this opportunity and express huge thanks to all the love and support from millions of XMind users. XMind is determined to continue bringing you the best product experience, and we appreciate your time spending with XMind and your valuable feedback. Always, have fun with XMind ☺

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