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Use Navigation Panel to Filter Your Mind Map Information

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Use Navigation Panel to Filter Your Mind Map Information


In XMind, users can use different features to categorize the branches of information on a single mind map. For example, they choose to add specific labels or notes to each topic box. This process allows them to organize their thinking flows and sorting topics into different groups. However, not many users know that these labels and notes can be further selected in the Navigation Panel to quickly filter the mind map information and leave the targeting branches of topic boxes for users to view and edit.

Feature Introduction

The Navigation Panel locates in the View (of the navigation bar) and it can filter information you want to see based on Topic,Note, or Marker & Label.

• Go to ViewShow Navigation PanelTopic

When filtering on Topic

When filtering on Note

When filtering on Marker & Label

Feature Applications

Let’s see a more detailed example of how it works with Marker & Label. Here we can see a list of labels we created. We assigned tasks to each team by adding different labels under each topic box.

• Go to ViewShow Navigation PanelMarker & Label

Whichever label(s) you click on, the filtered information with the selected label(s) will be highlighted as well as all associated items in the map. To view topic boxes with a specific label tag, for example, the projects that needed to be done by the advertising (ad) team, click on the right side icon of the label “ad”. The panel will filter the map information based on the selected label and highlight the topic boxes with the label “ad” in the map.

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Mar 25, 2021
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