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Use OKR Methodology to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions

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Use OKR Methodology to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions


OKR – Objectives and key results – refers to a goal-setting framework and methodology for defining and tracking outcome-based achievements, and it is commonly used in global companies and startups. Today we are going to talk about how OKR method helps with achieving personal goals and New Year's resolutions!

What is OKR Methodology?

The concept of OKRs was created at Intel back in 1970s, inherited and commonly adopted by internet companies in Silicon Valley. Objectives, qualitative or subjective, are what the company wants to achieve, while key results are more detailed, concrete and measurable action plans in order to accomplish the objectives.

We may refer to the famous “golden circle” concept by Simon Sinek to set up objectives, thinking from an inner question of “Why (The Purpose)” to a performance of “What (The Result)”. For example, innovation is listed in Apple’s core mission, and this inner “Why” directs and fuels the company’s following steps – “How (The Process)” and “What (The Result)”. It is proven that many consumers nowadays tend to spend money on products from companies with brand values they support and believe in. Therefore, when applying OKR to your personal life, it is also important for you to think of a “Why” first – why do you want to achieve this? What do you value the most?


Use OKRs to Achieve New Year’s Resolutions



Be mindful of maintaining your motivation at a medium level.

According to the Yerkes-Dodson law, increasing stress help focus attention on achieving goals, but up to a certain point. When stress goes beyond that point, your performance diminishes. We can apply this law to objective-setting and maintain your stress and motivation to achieve the goals at a medium level, not too low or too high.

Key Results

You can refer to the SMART Principle when listing specific key results in order to achieve your objectives.


You can also check out our past blog Why You Need a List? in which many efficient and powerful goal setting and planning methods are included if you wish to try out for New Year’s resolutions!

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Dec 31, 2021
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