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When Comes in Handy

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When Comes in Handy


Here finally comes the web edition of XMind – that enables users to create, edit and present mind maps anywhere at any time. No restrictions on devices anymore. Today we would like to introduce you to the following life scenarios when helps increase efficiency at school and during work.

Lisa, 21, college student

Lisa is a college student with a major in Economics, and she has been on the XMind happy-paid-user list for one year now. Lisa needs to make a presentation for her advanced course on a comparison between Korean and Japanese business models, and she’s planning to present it in a mind map way.

During a day, Lisa lends some books about East Asian business models at the school library and sits at a public computer to start summarizing bullet points for her upcoming presentation. There is no need for her to download the XMind app because the web edition works the best on a public computer. She opens the website and creates a mind map to start mapping online. As the web edition replicates features of the desktop version, Lisa picks up immediately. She starts mapping some key points for the presentation as well as inserts reference links directly from the internet. The whole online mapping process goes on smoothly, and after two hours of editing, she conveniently saves the mind map to her Google Drive in one click.


When she gets back home, Lisa downloads the file from the drive, finalizes some details of the mind map presentation on her desktop XMind and exports the map in a private link. When the class day arrives, she inputs the link in a browser to open the mind map directly on a classroom computer and successfully conducts the presentation with an eye-catching mind map format.

John, 34, marketer

John works as a marketer at a retail company, and he has a marketing meeting with department team every week to discuss campaigns and sale numbers.

On a Friday, he comes to the meeting room early and opens an page to get prepared for taking the meeting minutes. Using a mind map structure is convenient to clearly organize and present the key points discussed at a meeting. (without the need of download desktop) is easier for all colleagues to edit, revise and share later between team members.

After the meeting, John saves this new weekly meeting note to the company shared folder on drive and also shares a quick copy in link to update with his regional supervisor.


Lily, 46, freelancer

Lily has been a freelancer for magazines and websites for years and she also owes personal blog. Writing article and report is what she does for a living and throughout these years she has developed an efficient routine to generate quality readings.

As writing constantly entails creativity, Lily thinks it is important to gather ideas and inspirations anywhere anytime. She discovers that is the perfect tool to do this. Whether she carries the device with XMind installed or not, Lily can create a mind map online to collect and order her thoughts whenever she reads an interesting ad on the subway or overhears enlightening talks in a coffee house. Immediately saves back to her Dropbox and opens up the map when she’s ready to produce some writings.


When she wants to start an official outline out of the ideas, Lily can either download the file and edit with her desktop XMind or continue to expand upon the web mind map for her article. Especially for someone like Lily who is not secure about saving writing documents to her computer in case there’s a sudden breakdown, she prefers working with so that everything important is organized and saved on drive.

Of course, does not limit to the above scenarios. We sincerely wish that this web addition to the XMind product can bring delightful convenience and higher efficiency to the lives of our paid users and fellow mind mappers worldwide. Proudly presents to you -! Try Xmind Free
Oct 20, 2020
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