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Xmind Ambassador | Dr. Subra Mukherjee: Mind Mapping Is a Way of Living Life to the Fullest

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Xmind Ambassador | Dr. Subra Mukherjee: Mind Mapping Is a Way of Living Life to the Fullest

image "From the moment I discovered the power of mind mapping, it transformed the way I approach everything in life. It's not just a tool; it's a philosophy, a way of living life to the fullest!"



Dr. Subra Mukherjee has 13+ years of experience in the teaching and training industry and is one of India’s leading Mind Mapping Experts and the Founder of the Map Ur Mind (MUM) Community. Map Ur Mind (MUM) is Dr. Subra’s initiative to touch 1 million lives and help them lead a better life by embracing mind mapping as a way of life.

She is also a Licensed Tony Buzan Instructor in Mind Mapping.

She trains both individuals and organizations to achieve their utmost potential by guiding them in mastering the four core facets of life known as COCP: Clarity, Organization, Creativity, and Productivity. This is accomplished through the transformative approach of Radiant Thinking and Mind Mapping.

She is on a mission to touch one million lives by helping people overcome limiting beliefs and unlock their true potential through Mind Mapping and Radiant thinking.

My Journey with Xmind

I have been Mind Mapping for 13+ years now. Initially, I started with hand-drawn mind maps and used them, particularly for my doctoral research and academic writing. Later I also started using mind maps in other areas of my life.

Slowly I felt the need for a digital mind-mapping tool that could help me organize and streamline my work processes and handle the huge amount of tasks daily.

This was when I first stumbled upon Xmind some 4-5 years back and immediately I not only found it valuable but I realized its huge potential.

Here is how I incorporate mind mapping into work and daily life scenarios:

From the moment I discovered the power of mind mapping, it transformed the way I approach everything in life. It's not just a tool; it's a philosophy, a way of living life to the fullest!

  • 📆 Daily Tasks: Mind Mapping keeps me organized and on top of my to-do map
  • 🎯 Yearly Goals: My secret weapon for setting and achieving big goals.
  • 📚 Writing: From research publications to bestselling books, Mind Mapping fuels my creativity. I use it for my own writing and I also help my clients write their books with the power of Mind Mapping.
  • 🎤 Public Speaking: I have crafted my TEDx speech with mind maps and helped my clients do the same.
  • 🏢 Business: Mind Mapping helps me assist clients in their ventures and run my own coaching business. It is a must-have for designing engaging courses.
  • 📅 Events: From presentations to event planning, I mind map everything, and that saves me tons of hours.
  • 📚 I also read a lot of books and I use Mind Maps to summarize them.
  • 🎯 As a Professor, I used Mind Mapping for teaching, lesson planning, evaluations, etc.

So, basically, Mind Mapping is how I do everything where thinking is involved. It is amazing.

Here's a mind map showing how I use Mind Maps in my daily life:

One of the biggest impacts that I observed when I first started integrating Xmind along with my hand-drawn mind maps was increased efficiency.

Given the kind of creative task I do and the varied nature of the clients I handle, Xmind helps me stay on track, keep an eye on details, and save me time and energy.

My Work with Xmind

I regularly share mind maps and related courses with my mentees and clients in Map Ur Mind Community.

I also share a lot of mind maps on my social network (mainly on LinkedIn). Besides I have also shared Mind Maps on on a variety of topics such as book summaries, productivity, customer persona, event planning, effective communication, and many more.

All the mind maps I share are done with the objective of enabling people to organize their workflow and enhance their creativity and productivity.

I have recently conducted a webinar on -Mind Mapping for Effective Communication: Enhancing Your Presentations and Writing Skills.

As part of the Xmind Ambassador program, I look forward to more such collaborative efforts in the form of webinars, workshops, blogs, or others.

I have also conducted several webinars on Besides, I regularly conduct workshops and webinars related to Mind Mapping.

What Value I Have Created

  • Trained 2000+ people in Mind Mapping in the past 25 months.
  • Conducted 100+ Mind Mapping workshops/webinars/masterclasses.
  • Authored two books to date
  • Also delivered a speech on TEDx stage.

What I Can Offer My Audience

As a Mind Mapping coach with 13+ experience, I help working professionals, educators, aspiring authors, trainers & coaches (and anyone interested in learning) to unlock their creative mind potential using the science of Mind Mapping and Radiant Thinking...

I conduct workshops and webinars as well as offer 1:1 executive coaching sessions. I also offer training programs, Keynote addresses, and workshops to organizations.

Connect with Me Here

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