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XMind Helps to Build an Entrepreneur’s Home Office a Work Office

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XMind Helps to Build an Entrepreneur’s Home Office a Work Office

“Set schedules, boundaries or rules for work from home.” Says Tuan, the President/CEO of BizzyPros, business development and consulting service for SMB's looking to ‘bootstrap' business.


We were like this: get up at 7 in the morning, wash, breakfast, dress up and shave or lipstick. The bus passing the door at 8 or start the car from the garage. Say hello to the fellow at 9 with a cup of coffee in hand.

We seem to have been pressed a switch button now. Almost losing the desire to dress up, and shaving or a make-up becomes less important. We never thought that pajamas could spend a whole week. Maybe only before the video conference, a serious face check in front of the mirror would happen.

Since the world is upside down, work from home needs rules and methods to get things done better. However, work from home is already familiar to Tuan, “I'm a consultant so my 'work office' is my 'home office’, so for me, XMind works well in both capacities.”

Tuan shares us with many tips for home working. “Family noise” is warm and inevitable. Well handle needs experience. Schedules are a must. “Set schedules for when you are doing 'office hours' so that your family doesn't interrupt or distract you and set those 'family time' hours as well for breaks or home activities.” Says Tuan. “If possible, physically separate your workspace away from the 'high traffic' areas of your house where your family spends most of their time. This also minimizes any background 'home' noises.”

You may have the experience that when you are in the meeting call, the voice of children or partner from the other side of the phone. Tuan suggests “Set boundaries or rules so your family knows when you are in a conference call or talking with customers so they know not to bother you during those times.”


Sometimes, home working requires ritual. Do something different from usual, such as change a new pair of slippers, use a different cup, drink another taste of coffee to separate working and leisure time.

Hope these may help.

Avinash Priya
Apr 10, 2020
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