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XMind's 2021 in Review

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XMind's 2021 in Review


We turned 15 in 2021, and we matured well, coping well with WFH, lockdown, and the Covid-19 test. It was still a difficult year, but we took good care of the features and the crashes, while we got new remotes on board.

Let’s have a quick recap from the top with the highlights of updates, improvements, and new attempts once again. Take your seat, and the show is about to begin.

XMind for Desktop: More than Mind Mapping

There are pretty much new things going on here:

A new path from mind mapping. A new start to build mind maps. A new way to organize your ideas.

Pitch Mode

From mind map to slideshow, all it takes is just a click.

With Pitch Mode, you can brainstorm, outline, organize, and present your mind maps in one place. Effortlessly.

Pitch Mode is now in XMind Share too, and you can present your mind map in the browser directly. There will be more updates for Pitch Mode coming this year, make sure you've subscribed our newsletter.

Skeleton & Color Theme

We’ve got built-in templates before, and now the stage is yours.

Combine skeleton and the color theme you like and build your very own mind map.

Tree Table

A brand-new structure that displays the subtopics horizontally with nested rectangles. It is a new way to identify whole-and-parts relationship, and reader-friendly.

Now, your mind map can also be a well-organized spreadsheet with topics logically, without extra formatting. Find out how tree table helps for life and work here.

XMind for Mobile: Productivity and Privacy


Jot down beautiful Equation with LaTeX on mobile devices easily. Having notes and iPad side by side for an effective learning flow.


We’ve also taken a big step on Google Play. Now, subscribe and manage XMind in Google Play right away.


Your privacy is our top priority. Now, you can Set Password for mind map on iOS. For Android devices, we ask you to authorize the folders that we can access in the first place.

Website: Ideas Get the Groove

We’ve been trying to find a way to express how ideas shaped and flow on the mind map. Here we go, our front page just gets the beat. Find out where your ideas can grow, and perhaps, inspiration knocks on the door.

Thank You

Here's a big squeeze for all of you, our users.

Thank you for your support, advice, bugs report, and we appreciate all of them! We hope you had a good time with us, and we will continue to make XMind a tool you can always rely on and enjoy.

How do we say that again?
Oh - have fun with mind mapping!

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