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A Review of XMind Workshops

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A Review of XMind Workshops


Hi, I am Lindy, from XMind marketing team.

I was collating my previous notes and found some interesting texts. Therefore I think it is practical to share them with all readers through XMind blog.

For the past three years, we launched more than a hundred workshops around the world. I am probably the only one who has played fun and chat with our users face to face for more than three hours. My boss, in his words, that is, I am an expert in mind mapping, highly likely because I have plenty of experience of meeting users. But what my boss may not know is that during the workshop, we talked about many other topics besides the mind map itself, like how about a caesar salad after the workshop. It sounds like food always dazzling, although we believe XMind is the most attractive one. We prefer a delicate and practical workshop, which users have the same preference. “Someone talks a lot and someone does not talk, that’s embarrassed”, said one of our participators. We surprisingly received numerous users from pre-apply. Therefore, we held workshops many times in the same city so that everyone may get a full harvest.

Mind Map Independent

Several users said during the workshop that the mind map is not a behavior of an individual, but the entire family. “I also create a dependent XMind ID for my son”, said a user, “In addition to organizing school things with mind maps, children can also count how many sneakers, hoody by the way, and exercise books in the waiting list.” Being independent need times, but a mind map may be the only thing you need at the beginning, start with managing their supplies. “Now, he has a folder named mind maps.” Mind mapping is worth to be a good habit because it is always tidy and clear.

A Beautiful Mind Map

Many copies are telling you that mind maps can be used in different scenarios, and how to create a mind map that helps your issue to be solved. But few guides on how you can make it look better. Several users mentioned about sharing a good-looking mind map is a plus. It takes time to decorate a mind map, so most users choose the theme, style and rainbow color which already built-in. All the beautify choices are the original designs from XMind designers according to logic and passed by accessibility test. Top 2 are logic chart and MindMap, you may find them when you open our application.

Some Features Are Hiding

Still, during the sharing part, many participators “WOW”. It turned out several features were not commonly used, but once they were used, amazing. For example, a miracle may happen when floating topic and relationship together.
“It is a close feature. But the closer, the easier to be overlooked. Floating topic and relationship are the perfect match.” “Weekly plan, matrix chart is particularly appropriate.” “Yep, matrix chart, and also fitness plan.”

Here, a little information, XMind team uses a matrix diagram to do the weekly report. Want to try?

Meaningful Yet Useful

I thought a lot about the possibility of mind maps. Besides project management, reading notes, clarify thinking, which we have promoted on the official website for a hundred times. It can also be a tool to save the words, ideas, information, such as a metro mind map, a timetable. After workshops, I realize a new world of mind maps. XMind helps users to overcome dyslexia, to reduce stress and treat depression, to review and receive a master degree. As a power, XMind helps and works truly in daily life.

I met regular users who love XMind for more than a decade, the real person. It seems that we know our users just today, and it seems that we have known each other for a decade. Last time, the workshop started for 20 minutes, we had a pretty interesting chat. Suddenly a user asked, “Is the organizer here?” “Here!” I said. If I am not from the XMind team, I should be a user as well. We used to believe that you may find one XMind user in every ten people around you. But now, it is one of five.

Indeed, I believe I have gained more than the participators from each workshop. Ideas shake the world.

We still schedule the workshop world widely, pre-apply here and we will update you information by email. See you soon:)

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