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The Advantages of Tree Table: Gaining Insights into Tabular Mind Maps

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The Advantages of Tree Table: Gaining Insights into Tabular Mind Maps


Sometimes, a mind map is a deeply personal creation within the mind. Xmind supports various structures to help you expand your creative thinking. However, when you need a more structured and presentable way to showcase your work to an audience, the Tree Table comes to the rescue. In this blog, we aim to demonstrate the capabilities of the Tree Table through numerous examples. We hope that, after reading this, you'll find that the Tree Table makes your work easier and more efficient.

What is Tree Table?

The Tree Table is an Xmind-patented innovation that combines the hierarchical structure of a tree with the tabular format of a table. It maintains the hierarchical structure of a mind map while organizing the data into rows and columns. The central topic is displayed at the top level, and the main topics and sub-categories are arranged horizontally, with indentation indicating their relationships to the central topic and one another. This design allows for clear and structured data display and organization, making it easy to understand and navigate. image

Tree Table’s Special Features

Intelligent Formatting

Effortless Tabulation

As you add, delete, or move topics within the Tree Table, Xmind's smart engine automatically adjusts the table's layout and maintains a clean, organized arrangement. This saves you time and effort in manual formatting. As an efficiency-driven software, Xmind focuses on creating tables using logical relationships in the shortest possible time, unlike traditional Office software that relies on individual cell-based formatting. This eliminates the need for manual tasks like merging or unmerging cells, categorizing, and grouping, which are commonly encountered in traditional office software.


Mind-Mapping Hierarchical Structure

Easily Understood Thoughts

The Tree Table presents a self-evident structure by seamlessly merging the distinct hierarchy of mind maps, including central, main, and sub-topics, with traditional tabular formats. When conveying information, your goal should be to make it easily understandable, so that just by looking at it, the average audience grasps the concept.


Rightward Alignment of Lowest-Level Topics

Easily Tally Items

The Tree Table's rightward alignment of the lowest-level topics facilitates efficient organization and comparison across branches with varying depths, enhancing readability and simplifying the accumulation and counting of related items, even when they have different hierarchical structures.


Seamless Integration with All Structures

Tightly-knit Logic with Boundless Imagination

The Tree Table can be easily integrated into your overall mind map, allowing you to combine different types of structures and formats for a comprehensive and versatile visualization of your ideas. The Tree Table is a structure that closely connects various main topics. When you need a structure that links your logic seamlessly, without constraining each part, you can use the Tree Table to set a boundary. Within the main topics, you can then employ different structures for divergent thinking.


How it Works:

We recommend two approaches for working with the Tree Table. First, let your imagination run wild and free, using any structure you like. Then, with just one click, transform it into a Tree Table. All your thoughts and ideas become as gentle as a lamb, resulting in a well-organized and structured layout.


The second method involves using simple shortcut key combinations: press "return" to add a topic and "tab" to add a subtopic. There's no need to format each individual cell like in a traditional table. It's smooth, clean, and incredibly easy.


Tree Table in Practical Uses

From Copywriting to Content Creation: One Unified Approach

Tree table can be your go-to infographic tool. Effective messaging combines thoughtful text and eye-catching visuals. A skilled content strategist excels at both copywriting and graphic design, having invested time in content creation and mastering tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, or even Canva. Tree Table streamlines this process, cutting your workload in half. With just one click, transform your mind map into a tabular view.



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Give tree table a try! Open Xmind and convert your existing maps into tree table maps as you revisit these tips and tricks.

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Mar 22, 2023
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