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Cannot Exercise at Gym? Workout at Home with XMind

Cannot Exercise at Gym? Workout at Home with XMind

Self-quarantine doesn’t mean to pause all the regular habits, instead, it’s a time to test your discipline and endurance, and also a time for you to build a new habits. Exercising is definitely one of the best habits that worth trying and persisting, even during the lockdown.


The benefits of physical activity is not merely about health improvement, achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, but also boost your mental health, or even sleep better. You can see and fell the magic on your body and well-being.

It’s never late to start something new, if you are a beginner, or considering starting to exercise, XMind is always the best accompany. If you‘ve already got a regular routine, this article also helps you to think proactively about adjustment of the home workout routine during the lockdown.

For beginners, the biggest problem will be: Which exercises should I choose? Even for the regular gym goers, getting used to the equipment training days takes time, not even mention for the runners. Well, you have to know what are the options out there, before making the best choice for yourself.

Types of Exercise

Let’s find out some of the common types of exercises first. Using XMind for jotting down the keywords, so that you can read all the information on one screen instead of scrolling up and down for searching.


You can have a basic knowledge about the names, meaning, benefits and some of the examples. These exercises can be done individually or combined, and you can give it a try based on your condition. One of the things that should bear in mind is to choose the one that suits you and, of course have fun with it.

Let’s Get Started

Now we’ve got basic understanding of the common exercises, it’s time to choose based on your condition, and goals.

Know Your Body Well

It’s important to know your body well, including health problems, and limitations in case of injury during exercise. Check with your doctor or get a physical medical examination before taking a regular workout is essential, especially to those who are not used to intense physical activities or aged 45 and above.

When staying at home, you can talk to your doctor, coach(if you have), or experienced friends for seeking advice.

Besides knowing your body well, the workout from home prep includes a room clean-up. Make a space of 4 square meters (2*2) and stretch your arms and legs, rummage in the closet for the exercising gears.


Make a Plan and Set Goals

It’s good to be ambitious, but make sure both of your plan and goals are attainable. Starting small not only motivates you in every step of the way, but also increases your chance of success. Besides, start slowly and increase intensity gradually is realistic to build up the fitness level.

How Much Exercise?

The 2015 – 2020 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends both aerobic and resistance exercise for overall health. Every week, adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity.


Don’t Exhaust Yourself Right Away. You can write down the current reps, and increase more reps until you can finish them continuously, like adding 5% for each increase. Stick to the exercise routine and incorporate it in to your life help you to make it a habit and stay healthy.

How Much Food?

A plan does not include exercise only, but also the food. Diet is vital, even in the exercise. The right food in the appropriate amounts provides your muscles with the nutrients they need to recover from workouts and grow bigger and stronger. Check the “Eats and Don’t Eats” in the mind mapping below for making your plan better.


Here comes the plan :)

If you are writing down related tasks of different types, Matrix is a good choice, helping you to display and read them clearly. Writing days in the first left row, and different types on the first column, all you need to do is focus on your fitness level.


The Wall Routine

The wall is the best resistance tool, and it’s steady and firm for the exercise. You can adjust your postures to challenge yourself in the exercises.


Besides the wall, a sturdy chair can be used an assisting tool for balancing, toilet paper can be used as light dumbbell, and a dishcloth increases the intense for moving push-ups.

Stay healthy and develop a habit that benefits you for a lifetime anytime, anywhere.


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