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Self-quarantine Diary (ft. COVID-19 & Animal Crossing)

Self-quarantine Diary (ft. COVID-19 & Animal Crossing)

As one of the remotes in XMind, Amber has been working and communicating efficiently with us. We are curious about how she nails everything down perfectly, stay calm, and most importantly, how she manages the stress in this special time especially she's away from home. Well, that's how this diary is unveiled.


Photo by Sara Kurfeß on  Unsplash

As a remote marketing worker at XMind, I’ve been stayed at home and lived a remote work life, like billions of other global citizens. For those who are interested in what to do during self-quarantine, check my diary below as I share some of the relaxing aka anti-stress ways to spend a weekend indoor.

April 4, 2020 📍 New York

Day 15 of Self-quarantine. Saturday.

Finally Saturday!

I like to have busy weekdays – working a full-time job remotely & self-learning other skills– this productive routine allows me to achieve long-term goals. But to be honest, stay tight all the time can be tiresome. This week of marketing is exciting but also a bit packed as I try to arrange some personal time outside of work. So, the best retreat after a five-busy-work-day routine is a free-myself Saturday.

Wake up at 9. Cook a quick breakfast, cereal time as usual (not many options at this time). Turn on my Nintendo Switch to officially start the so-called “the viral game of coronavirus” – Animal Crossing.

Yesterday it was the fifth time that David asked me to play this hit game, and I finally purchased and registered last night. Typed in my name, picked an island shape & hemisphere, met Antonio, Chrissy, Timmy & Tommy, and Tom Cook, set up tents, and decided an island name. Done for the first night and ready to start on Saturday morning. By the way, my friend sent me this detailed gaming introduction if anyone’s also a newbie to Animal Crossing.


Can’t wait! A brand-new day, my first island day! Need to catch up with others, explore to use tools, and figure out ways to make money and pay back my (according to David) endless housing loans.

Oh! Sorry I forget to update the rest of my day. Really not much to say, however, playing Animal Crossing straight from 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM. Finished a quick lunch in between, and…. Oh, did achieve some substantial output, see below.


Many people may wonder, “why Animal Crossing has gone ‘viral’ and become the game for coronavirus?” This Nintendo game has not only sold a record sale but also really turned into the biggest hit during this special COVID-19 time, achieving a torrent of rolling social media coverage.

I might have understood the reasons why so many fans, especially those millennials who spent days and nights on building their rural island regard this game as their ultimate fantasy. There is an option, the most important one that lacks in today’s chaotic world – the option to take your time and set your own pace (except that peer pressure might be annoying when visiting others’ islands). To me, saying hello to my neighbors, planting a farm of fruit trees, fishing something unknown, those are what Tom Cook offers, and what I desire the most — an escape from the harsh realities.


Eyes hurt so much. Let’s call it a day, time for bed. Good night😴

April 5, 2020 📍 New York

Day 16 of Self-quarantine. Sunday.

Morning, wake up 9AM again. Remember that my airport opens today, so I can finally visit David’s island! Get on the plane, and takes up around 20 seconds? Planting, doing DIYs, selling fruits… And 12 PM already, solid four hours just pass.

Have to stop it now, my eyes really need some breathing time. After treating myself with a homemade pasta, I decide to take a quick nap and enjoy laziness on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. I later open YouTube and start to follow an hour workout training video. Many free resources are out there on YouTube, ranging from languages lessons to dancing tutorials.

Finish the leftover pasta for dinner. At night, open my iPhone, click on the Calm App and plan to meditate for forty minutes before sleeping. I’ve bought an annual subscription with this meditation app, because it’s extremely helpful to calm down my mindset and anxious mood resulted from an intensive New Yorker life plus the COVID-19 stress. Besides Calm, I also spend my weekend days with other great apps during self-quarantine (listed down here if anyone is curious about).


Dear diary, it’s bedtime now – time to say goodbye. Might go fishing a bit on my island before sleeping. Better not to stay up too late, gotta resume several XMind marketing projects tomorrow – currently working on something pretty exciting and look forward to executing my ideas! Will be back soon.

Most importantly, sincerely respect and support doctors, nurses and other health care workers on the frontlines of the coronavirus fight. Hope these dark days to pass in near future.

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