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Capture Gift Ideas with XMind for this Christmas

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Capture Gift Ideas with XMind for this Christmas


It’s been a difficult and challenging year for everyone, and let’s celebrate this Christmas together. Capture your gift ideas and celebration with XMind, and keep it running for the next holiday season.

You better watch out, and you better not stress out. Here’s how you can always find the perfect gifts for your beloved ones with mind mapping, not just this Christmas.

Step 1: Jot Down the Recipient

Giving is rewarding, and we don’t want to miss any recipients. Jot down the recipient on the mind map. Check it twice, and add a new recipient, if you found anyone is missing.

  1. Click New in the menu bar, then pick a template you love most. The mindmap structure is a good start for this gift list, and you can always change the theme during mind mapping.
  2. Add Christmas gift list as the Central Topic, then put the recipient in different subtopics.


Step 2: Sort Out and Capture Gift Ideas

You might have a bunch of gift ideas in your head, before writing them down, let’s categorize them first.

We put Need and Want in the subtopic to collect all the gift ideas. Add Received to review previous gifts of those special days.

  1. Right-click the subtopic, and click Show Branch Only.
  2. Add subtopics: Need, Want, and Received.
  3. Fill with gift ideas.


Step 3: Add Icons and Notes

Check your budget, and then decide the gift based on the three dimensions we’ve talked above. You can use icons to highlight the gift, and add notes to filled with further information, such as preference, details, budget of the gift.

  1. Click Icon in the upper-right corner. Pick markers and add it right away.
  2. Click Note, and filled with other information.


Step 4: Mark the Date

There are promotions for Christmas, and if you are doing online shopping, don’t forget to check the estimated delivery date. Insert the link, and use Callout for the date. If you decide to DIY, prepare the materials in advance, and check how much time do you need. Don’t forget to wrap the gift ;-)

  1. Click Insert-Link-Webpage. Paste the website address.
  2. Click Insert-Callout. Jot down the date.
  3. If you are going to but it at the store, save this map to your mobile phone with, or sync via cloud drive, and you can recall the things you need.


Besides gift ideas, list is also a useful tool for stress relief, time management and schedule making. The secret is here. Merry Christmas and mind map is always here for you.

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