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Meme It and Tier List It, Creating MBTI Memes Using XMind’s Tree Table

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Meme It and Tier List It, Creating MBTI Memes Using XMind’s Tree Table


"What's your MBTI? Mine is ENFJ. What about yours?"

"Mine is INFP."

"Oh wow, for real? No wonder we are such a match!"

If you have had conversations like this with your friends recently, then you are probably familiar with memes and tier lists like this:


The popularity of the MBTI test and its byproducts - MBTI memes, soared globally after working from home became the new normal in many countries. Self-discovery and conversations on personality traits that led to closer bounds seem to be the perfect cure for isolation and boredom.

But what is MBTI anyway?

The MBTI or the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator is a personality typology model developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers under the influence of Carl Jung's book Psychological Types back in 1944.

In this book, Jung speculated with empirical evidence that human cognitive functions could be categorized into four types, namely thinking (T), feeling (F), sensation (S), and intuition (N). These cognitive functions could be further combined with two general-attitude types, extraversion (E) and Introversion (I), making a total of eight dominant functions.


The Briggs built on that theory and added another dichotomy, the judging (J) and perceiving (P) preference, to the existing model, thus completing the 16 personality archetypes. Instead of representing each type of individual clearly, the combinations of these letters denote a relatively vague tendency to different aspects of lifestyle people prefer:


In 1975, Dr. Mary McCaulley, together with Isabel Myers, founded the Center for Applications of Psychological Types to promote research on MBTI further. Its success in popularizing the test with new editions and iterations of the original questionnaire is evident.

Nowadays, many professional organizations adopt the MBTI test as a part of their screening process for suitable candidates. And as the meme battle intensifies, the entertainment value of the MBTI test should not be underestimated.

What are some of the dankest MBTI memes, and how to make them?

The craze over the MBTI brought us funny memes like this:


But do you know these memes could be made on XMind, too?

Here are the steps to making your very own MBTI memes to share with your friends who may share the same sense of humor as you do about some of these tropes!

1. Know your MBTI stereotypes

To make one, you might need to familiarize yourself with some of the most common stereotypes about different personality types. For example, INFPs are sentimental, while ESTJs are workaholics. Don't worry about its accuracy. Just go with the most absurd stereotypes the Internet has to offer.

Here is a table of it:


2. Find the memify version of each personality type

Usually, people go with the cartoon avatars on the 16 personalities website. But you can always find your own interesting icons to represent each type. Here is a link to the template I use on mind map gallery.

3. Set a specific context for it

Base your meme on your daily life, and make it relatable. Simplicity is your friend. Use your personal experience as a guide and put in easy-to-read text instead of a lengthy and tedious explanation.

4. Arrange the subtopics and make your meme

Move these subtopics around to make a tier list and meme it as you wish. Just drag the subtopic out of the table and move and attach it to your desired column. Here is a video to illustrate:

Note: don't just drag the picture. Drag the entire subtopics. Otherwise, you'll not be able to move the content around.

5. Try out different structures, don't just stick to the tree table

Experiment with different structures on XMind, like bubble maps, or even timeline structures to diversify your memes. Most importantly, have fun doing it.


Dank memes aside, no matter how accurate you think your MBTI type represents you, it may not be the wisest to live by it and constrain yourself because of it. Meme away but beware of its limit in providing you a clear direction to your future development in career, relationship, and education.

We look forward to seeing what kinds of creative memes you can come up with. Share with us on mind map gallery if you'd like.


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