Groove with Mind Maps in XMind with GIF


Mind map, composed of elements such as texts, graphs, numbers and colors, is a unique and an efficient method to help users organize their thoughts, let their ideas flow, build more and get wild.

Not only texts, inserting graphs to mind maps can stimulate users’ visual sensibility which further burst imaginations & creativity, strengthen idea connections and improve memory upon the map structure.

When XMind Meets GIFs

Not only graphs, what if a mind map meets GIF images? Will this collision spark something exciting and inspiring? Let’s first take a look at some amazing maps made by our users.

My Exercise Routine by @AmandaL
“So excited to find out that XMind supports GIF images! I pull a list of daily exercise routine and import GIFs into my graph, very convenient to look those up at any time and better memorize the trick of each exercise set.”


Japanese Hiragana by @Mr Wong
“I memorized how to write all hiragana characters in three days, and that credits to XMind!”


Solar System** by @Sabrina
“Created this solar system mind map with XMind dark theme and planet GIFs. Added this to my class presentation about the solar system and everyone loves how vividly it turns out!”


What’s more… Under what other situations for users to add GIF images to mind maps?

  • Event flow chart (e.g. historical event)
  • Decomposition of motion (e.g. yoga exercises)
  • Operational flow chart (e.g. cookie making)
  • More…

How to Graph a Vivid Mind Map?

Step 1 Create a Mind Map


Step 2 Choose a template and map structure
Let’s take the My Exercise Routine by Amanda as an example here and select the Finance theme in Matrix structure.


Step 3 Insert GIFs
You need to search for GIFs online and download them to your laptop. GIFs with a clear background will work the best. Click the subtopic and insert a local image or drag the GIFs to the subtopic box directly.


Step 4 Do some edits
Customize the graph size, border, text to personalize your map!


Step 5 Share with others

This mind map with GIFs can also be shared to friends and colleagues in .xmind file or link format (both public and private links are fine)! Everyone who has the link can view your mind map online (GIFs shown), try with Amanda’s exercise routine.

Easier than you thought right? It is so convenient to create mind maps with GIFs, and XMind users will be having more fun throughout the brainstorming and graphing process. By adding this extra vivid layer, your graph becomes more “talkative” while presenting to others. Time for you to try, and as always, have fun with XMind;)

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