Say Hello to Hand-drawn Style, Illustrations, and 400+ Brand New Stickers!


In the 2022 update of XMind, we’ve upped the mind mapping game again with the new fun-filled hand-drawn style, along with the addition of over 400+ brand-new stickers and 40 illustrations. Relive the joy and fun of writing and doodling amidst the ever-changing digital age!

Aesthetically pleasing on another level!

Turn the fill of subtopics and lines into a delightful hand-drawn style with only one click. Mind map with a feeling of nostalgia. Let the new hand-drawn style be the perfect translator for authenticity and fun.


Every little thing matters.

Experience the new hand-drawn style simply by choosing the structures from the built-in skeleton list. Notice that in the skeleton list, all hand-drawn skeletons have a special icon on the top left. Alternatively, you can choose to customize your mind map further in the panel of your user interface.

The hand-drawn style supports up to 5 different shape fill styles to meet your needs. Scribble in or use hatching lines for the shape of your subtopics all up to your creative mind!


Oh, here’s the icing on the cake.

XMind’s design team has your needs well-kept in mind. The latest edition of XMind now includes over 400 brand-new stickers and 40 illustrations, covering over 13 categories.

Now, that’s what we call more than mind mapping.


Check out the new stickers and illustrations by clicking Marker in the toolbar.

The categories cover almost all common scenarios; use it on your next meeting minute or party planning with your friends. It’s going to be an unforgettable mind map!


Think, have fun, XMind, repeat.

Make use of the new hand-drawn style, brand-new stickers, and illustrations in your mind map! Moreover, make use of the Smart Color Theme too. All these neat features go side by side in creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing mind map. Find a piece of yourself in every mind map you create with the abundance of artsy features in the latest version of XMind.


Come discover these pleasant updates with XMind in the latest release! You’re guaranteed to find the sticker and style that’ll turn your mind map into an inspiring piece of art.

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