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How to Create a Flowchart in XMind (2022) | Tutorial Videos

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How to Create a Flowchart in XMind (2022) | Tutorial Videos


A comprehensive guide to building a flowchart/process chart in XMind (2022). This post includes a tutorial video on flowchart making plus several videos regarding the Relationship and Print feature of the software. Get to know more of this handy technique today!

XMind’s versatility makes it a comprehensive mind mapping tool on the daily, but it is also capable of simple diagram making per your needs. Further explain and enhance communication with the wide range of shapes available in XMind!

In order to have the best and smoothest experience creating a flow chart in XMind, please make sure to read the tips provided below.

💬Tips and Tricks:

  • In Advance Layout, please make sure the Flexible Floating Topic and Topic Overlap box is selected.
  • Make use of the Align Floating Topics feature to organize floating topics.
  • Write down the process (make the shapes) first, then connect them with the Relationship feature.
  • Use ⌘+Shift+R, or Control+Shift+R on Windows to quickly insert relationship between floating topics.
Simple steps to creating a simple process chart in XMind:
A comprehensive video on the Relationship feature in XMind is also available:

After finishing your masterpiece, you can save your mind map on your device to view digitally or you can print it out as a physical copy.

A video is also available on XMind’s official YouTube channel if you’d like to find our more on how to adjust print settings in XMind.

Adjust print settings in XMind:

Be sure to follow XMind's official Youtube channel for tutorial videos and more. Feel free to comment down on any of our videos about any questions you might have, any suggestions, and/or what you’d like to see next. Your voice matters to us!

Keep calm and happy mind mapping!

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