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Mind Mapping Just Got Better on XMind for iOS

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Mind Mapping Just Got Better on XMind for iOS


We released an update for XMind for iOS and iPadOS this spring. Here’s a quick overview of new features and improvements that helps to unleash creativity at your fingertips. Mind map for coming acitivities celebrating spring with smooth and fun mind mapping experience on mobile devices.

Smart Color Theme

Start mind mapping from your favorite new color theme. Yep, you can have them all on phones and tablets.

Change a new color theme in the middle of mind mapping is not a problem. Simply repeat the steps in the video above and tap it.

Hand-drawn Style

Do you remember the scribbles in your childhood? Now, enjoy this nostalgia intuition at your fingertips.

If you love drawing with Apple Pencil, come and combine it with mind mapping. You’ll be surprised.



The brand-new templates provide 30 fresh perspectives that help you to kick-start mind mapping in a flash of inspiration right away.

Even better, bring your productivity to the next level with Live Text.

Illustrations & Stickers

Image is a global message. That’s why our designers insist on having more visual elements in XMind, and here you go.

Pitch Mode

Kick-start your mind map slideshow on phones and tablets straight away. The pop-up gestures tips are ready for your next stage.


You can find the latest delivery and layout and make a full use of them, just like what you did on desktop.

We’ve got different ratio aspects that meet your needs for any devices, and you can rehearse the speech with Pitch Mode on your phone anytime, anywhere.

Multi-select & Style Update

We heard your feedback, and these are some small improvements that bring your mind mapping productivity on mobile devices to the next level.

Choose a topic, tap select, and you can select multiple topics at the same time. Pick a style, or change topic color for them with just a click.

Style update is also a handy feature for bulk style settings. Now, you can

17 New App Icons

We’ve built different icons. Pick a favorite one that stands out among other apps and start mind mapping immediately next time.

That’s all for iOS update, and we wish you to tap a wonderful mind mapping journey. Click here to download the latest XMind for you phones and tablets.

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