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Leap with XMind’s Biggest Update of 2021

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Leap with XMind’s Biggest Update of 2021


Hooray, we’ve just released XMind (2021). This update is quite different from the previous updates before — we break the rules, not just inside mind mapping, but also outside it.

Ready to start mind mapping in a new way? Ready to present mind map in a way you’ve never expected?

Grab the updates!

Pitch Mode


Your mind map is a slideshow.

Making a good presentation is not that easy, you’ve got to focus content, tune everything right elsewhere, and practice to engage your audience.
From today, all you need to do is to focus the content on your mind map, and for the rest of the presentation, leave it to us — Pitch Mode generates layouts and animated transitions right for your slides.

What’s on a mind map, also at your slideshow. Pitch Mode also presents callout, label, image, etc.



Structure is the core of a mind map.

We know how important the first step is — choose the right structure. That’s why we decided to eliminate all the distractions, but only keep the structure at the very first start. Of course, we’ve settled other elements related to the structure.

So, which structure for today’s mind mapping?

Color Theme


Blend it with skeleton, and there are so much more to be found.

We love colors as much as you do, and there are more. The designers have worked closely with the development team, and come up with new color themes. Thanks to technology, you can always find the color theme for your need.


Switch and view different themes instantly.

New Structures: Tree Table & Fishbone

Tree table is a versatile structure and easy to start with.


It presents topics in nested blocks which helps to understand helps to identify whole-part relations, and eventually, you get an organized spreadsheet. You don’t need to concern much about the format, but only focus on developing your ideas.

Fishbone is a re-designed structure and loved by the wizards.


The new fishbone aims to help you focus on drilling the situation, and come up with a better solution.

More Options for Image


Style the image fit your mind map just right.

An organized mind map is not just about texts, but also the graphics. Decide the image style this time: size, border, shadow, and even opacity. The image on your mind map not only tells thousands of words, but also its coherence feels like they belong here.

Topic Shape

Shape conveys the feeling spontaneously.


With more topic shapes, your mind map is imaginative and eloquent. Mix, combine and match the topic shapes to create eye-catching and relevant mind map.


You can download the latest version on our website. Automatic update and Mac App Store will be updated soon. We are looking forward to your leap year with XMind.

May 27, 2021
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