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Mind Map in Enhanced ZEN Mode, and Do Quite a Bit More

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Mind Map in Enhanced ZEN Mode, and Do Quite a Bit More


ZEN Mode is for concentration. You can capture inspiration, organize your thoughts, and unleash your creativity here.

But we know ZEN Mode is more than this. What about more edit options — Format Panel, Icon, Shortcut List might bring you to the fast lane of mind mapping. Find out what you can do in the Enhanced ZEN Mode, and start an immersive mind mapping journey without disturbance.

Launch ZEN Mode

  • Toolbar: Click ZEN.
  • Menu Bar: View>ZEN Mode.

Meet New Features

Shortcut List — Mind Mapping at Full Speed

Mind map with shortcuts is elegant. Basic shortcuts not only benefits your mind mapping efficiency, but also keeps your hands with your mind. If you loved to catch up with some shortcuts, you can find them in the shortcut list.

Even better, you can customize the shortcuts while staying in the ZEN Mode.


Format Panel — Edit and Style

Now, there are more mind mapping possibilities in ZEN Mode. Change structure, choose a new theme, or simply customize the style for the branch/texts like the way you create the mind map.


The delight of the mind mapping. Icon is illustrative and convey feelings subtly. You can make an eye-catching mind map while guides your audience to catch up.

Meet Old Acquaintance

Today in ZEN helps you to track your progress. It’s also handy when training your memory, or brainstorming with a time limit. Give it a try, and you can surprisingly find out you are more focused, and improved. Night mode ensures mind mapping at night is comfortable without feeling sore.

Download the latest version here, and start an immersive way of mind mapping.

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