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Revive with XMind: ZEN Update for this Spring

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Revive with XMind: ZEN Update for this Spring

The buzzing of the bees, the growing willow trees, and the mild breeze. Blossom by blossom the spring begins, and XMind: ZEN Update 201904 rings. Start a treasure hunt with us, and see what are the latest features in this update.

Save Outliner to PDF Easily

Fast Export / Clear and Organized / Complete and Compact

Outliner splits the structure list of all titles or topics in the document. Track missing titles and supplement points to make your mind maps completed. It helps you to get everything under control.

Now you can not only switch between mind maps and Outliner but save Outliner as PDF. Create, switch and save in XMind: ZEN at a blink of your eyes. Grab the linear flow and float with it right away.

New Way Read Attachment

 Fast and Secure / Insert and Read Elsewhere / Support Different Forms

It might be vain to explain or go deeper on topics with words only. That's why we always add bonuses to the topics for additional information when elaborating on grande topics.

Simply insert supported attachment in XMind files, and read them right away. As long as the required software installation is completed on the device before opening attachment, you can add magical tricks to the content.

Save the Sheet that Matters

Save as .xmind file / Read and Manage Easily / Flexible and Space-saving

One map might not be grand enough for presenting what's in your mind. Sometimes we may create a new map from the main topic, and supplement with other content.

Now, try to save it as an individual file for instant edits or modifications. Split and go further on any topics you want, while concentrating on what matters most.

XMind: ZEN Update 201904 is not more than simply new features add-in, we've also optimized interaction for stable performance, including but not limited to topic editing optimization, faster PDF export, URL schemes.

Redeem for a 7-day full version of XMind: ZEN for free. Unlock all the features, and find out what are the hints.

Click here to unlock for a features' hunt.

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