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URL Scheme - From XMind to Productivity Paradise

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URL Scheme - From XMind to Productivity Paradise


URL Scheme can be inserted and opened in XMind: ZEN on macOS now. You can start an app or trigger specific actions when your app opens when inserting a related URL Scheme into it.

What is URL Scheme?


For example, in, the scheme is HTTP. Scheme is like the destination of where you are going. Imagine you are in a grand hotel, the number of each room is the scheme.

A URL scheme is the part of a link that specifies the type of application your device uses to open a URL. There are lots of apps supporting URL schemes, especially in iOS.

Allow users to open other apps from your app. The true power of URL schemes is in the ability to perform specific actions as your app opens. Like a shortcut.

The custom URL scheme is a great way to deep-link into application and trigger actions. Easy to set up and provide yourself with convenient shortcuts when coming from other applications.

How to combine the URL Scheme with Mind Map?

A mind map is a great tool for personal plan and management. But you still need little help from other apps sometimes. For example, writing review or notes taking obviously fits better in writing apps. 

You can directly perform an action in any topic in your mind maps. For example, making a reading plan in XMind allows you to get everything in control. But as for the reviewing or reflection part, the notes-taking app definitely takes the stage. By imputing related URL Scheme, we can open Bear directly in mind map without skipping out, searching for the app, and clicking to open.


Or, you have made a personal plan in mind mapping to make sure the main flow. As for the details, ask help from Things to track each and every task.


How to insert the URl Scheme?

  1. Select the topic.

  2. Insert > Hyperlink > Web Page

  3. Input or paste URL Scheme. Press Return/Enter when finished.


Connect and Soar with URL Scheme

We've listed several URL scheme apps so that you can use XMind to integrate with them for productivity and creativity.


Bear allows iOS and Mac developers to expose and document API methods via implementing the x-callback-url protocol. You can perform actions including open note, creat a note, add files, create to-dos, etc.

Click here to find keys of URL Scheme.


Ulysses also adopts x-call-back URL protocol. Click here to find can find some detailed actions.

Both Bear and Ulysses uses %20 for whitespace, it is helpful when creating your own tags, or keywords for searching.


As a veteran of URL Scheme, Things has captured and became a veteran in URL Scheme. Click here to find out their secret path with other apps.

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May 21, 2019
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