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Share Mind Mapping Stories with us in X'Talk!

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Share Mind Mapping Stories with us in X'Talk!


XMind has been working with users in the globe every day. We wonder how the tool is used, and we believe there are stories behind it, while there’s always one proud to be shared.

Would you like to see your mind mapping story or writing published on our blog? Shared with XMind users via social media and newsletter? Here’s your chance with X’Talk!

Find out more about X’Talk, notice of the story, and what you’ll receive with your story.

About X’Talk

X’Talk is a place where you can share everything about mind mapping. Your story can be a story, an interview with us, a video, even just a mind map. Tell us what you’ve achieved with XMind, what you’ve learnt, why you chose mind mapping for your tasks, how does mind mapping help with your study/career/more etc.


Build up the story in your words, and the story can help more people to make the best out of mind mapping, or even solve the problem they are facing. Check some notices below before writing :)

  • An XMind user.
  • There is no limit for the theme as long as it’s related with mind mapping, it can be experience, skills, personal tips and tricks, etc.
  • Make sure you are the only one who can tell the story. You are passionate and confident about the content. Please indicate references in the end.
  • Your submission can be anonymous if you wish.
  • We will be talking to you about the changes of content, mind maps, etc. before the final release.




If you are not sure where to start, we’ve got some questions that might help you to start:

  • Why I use XMind for teaching?
  • How do I use ZEN Mode for concentration?
  • How to use mind maps for project management?
  • My self-study story with XMind.
  • Let’s build knowledge structure with XMind.


If you have great ideas to share, but you feel a bit hard to make it a story. No worries, we got your back :)

Please feel free to share us mind maps, and a brief introduction like: I’ve been using XMind for 1 year, and I’ve used it for note-taking, and these are some mind maps I’ve made when reading my course notes.




How to Reach us

You can send your story to, or send us message via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

You can also share your ideas or mind maps on social platform. Don’t forget to leave #XMind so that we can find you.

What You’ll Receive

We would love to help your article to promote and inspire more, while we would love to express our gratitude. What you’ll receive:

  • Get the story promoted by our website, social media, and newsletter.
  • Redeem code for XMind (Desktop + Mobile).
  • Be the very first testers for our latest features or product.
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