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Share Your Mind Map on Xmind Share Drive!

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Share Your Mind Map on Xmind Share Drive!


Today, we are proud to introduce our new friend: Xmind Share Drive, a fantastic feature that allows you to share, edit, and view your mind maps wherever you go from desktop to mobile. In brief, this function allows users to upload their Xmind files to our server and generate share links. Other users with the link can open the shared file for viewing. The updated content will be automatically synchronized to viewers in real time.


Why Xmind Share Drive

The epidemic has changed the way of working. Working from home has become a new trend. However, the inefficiency of teamwork brought by working from home has become a pain for many businesses. The need for collaboration is getting stronger and stronger.

Under this situation, many users put forward the need to share mind maps, hoping that mind maps can be shared with the real-time editing-and-viewing function for other users more quickly. After various discussions and developments, Xmind decided to launch a new feature - Xmind Share Drive. After months of polishing, this feature is finally born!

A Link that Links Your Idea to Everyone

Before Share Drive, sharing and editing mind maps was a tedious operation that virtually reduced work efficiency. As a result, the share method is one of the stumbling blocks of ideas.

Now, Share Drive saves all. Upload Xmind files to our server and generate share links. Other people with the link can open the shared file for viewing. The updated content will be automatically synchronized to viewers in real-time. Isn't this much more convenient?


A Space Promoting Teamwork

Under the situation of working from home, remote meetings are also an indispensable part of work. Research shows that remote spaces are more prone to distraction. At this time, if participants can quickly locate the speaker's position, they can focus more on the content of the speech to improve communication efficiency. Xmind Share Drive is such a space that promotes teamwork.

1. Follow Other People’s Perspectives

Now, you are allowed to upload mind maps to Share Drive. At the same time, you will get a link and easily share it with others. Whenever and wherever all the changes you make to this mind map, your members will know in time. You can also follow others' perspectives to understand what content other people are viewing. In addition, your members can browse and download current content locally when you are not following them. Remote meetings and collective brainstorming have become more accessible.

2. Perfect for Remote Meeting

Before the meeting, you can select the mind map sharing as "Share" to generate a link and share it with the meeting participants. When a participant joins, the host can see the participant join. During the meeting, when the host or participant plans to explain a certain point in the mind map, they can position the mouse on particular points of the mind map, and the participants will synchronize the user's operation and follow the progress of the meeting. When the meeting host adds new points to the mind map, the participants can also view the latest mind map in real-time. After the meeting, the updated mind map will be synchronized with this link for participants to save or download the newest mind map. In this way, it will be much more convenient for meeting participants to summarize the meeting.


A Safer Sharing

We provide several options for setting a password to suit your needs. You can choose whether to set a password according to the actual situation to protect the security and privacy of the mind map.


1. People Who Have Been Approved

When you only want to share your mind map with a small group of people, such as sharing the mind map with your colleagues or friends, you can choose to set the permission to share files with your approvals. Users who you haven't approved don't have permission to view the mind map for safety considerations.

2. Share the Mind Map with a Password

When you want to share the mind map in a wide range, you can choose a password to share the mind map. For example, when holding a large meeting, it will be a waste of time if everyone needs to obtain permission. You can choose to drop a link that requires password access in the meeting group so that everyone can get your mind map through the password.

3. Share with Everyone

Of course, if you want this mind map to be shared with more users, such as sharing it on social media platforms so that users who have not downloaded Xmind can easily open the file, you can share it with everyone without permission. In this way, all users can access your shared mind map through your link.

4. Stop Your Sharing

If you want to stop sharing the mind map, you can choose to stop sharing or delete it, so other people cannot access your mind map anymore.

Just Try It!

Are you excited about Xmind Share Drive?

Just have a try! It will definitely bring you a different experience!

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