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How to Use Shortcuts in XMind 2020

How to Use Shortcuts in XMind 2020

Inspiration is once in a blue moon. You miss it once, you miss them all. That's why you need Shortcuts, to capture them at a blink.


Get ready for the next level of efficiency by maneuvering the hidden tricks on your keyboard.

XMind 2020 provides 4 types of Shortcuts: File, Edit, Insert and View.


Shortcuts for File refers to the general operation of the current file, including but not limited to save, save as, open and new file.

File saving issue can be a real hard punch sometimes. One second before, you were thrilled by reaching the finish line, then crash for failing to save. Save your mind map constantly with Shortcuts of Save.

Don't panic if you forgot to save the project or things go wrong. File Cache (File - File Cache) allows you to trace back automatic saving backups.


Your idea is the bone of mind maps, then edit is the flesh. The shortcuts of Edit in XMind 2020 covers most common actions of editing.


Text is pale. With Insert, you can add more elements into your mind map, making your mind maps colorful and rich. 


Watch closer and read wiser. View offers you more insights into mind map viewing.

Personalize Shortcuts

If you are a Shortcuts master, XMind 2020 supports you to customize shortcuts too.

Click XMind in the menu bar, then Preference - Shortcuts where you can change the default or set new Shortcuts input.

Save the image below for all the shortcuts, or click here to download and open it in your XMind 2020.

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