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XMind 2021 is Coming

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XMind 2021 is Coming


Working at home doesn’t mean we stop thinking, and innovating.

Last year, we’ve released several features, and improvements. This year, it’s about connection: your ideas and audience, structure and theme, elements and mind map.

Find out some hints below, and picture your very own XMind 2021 before its release.

A Mindmap. A SlideShow.

Wow your audience with a mind map. Just a click to go. Brainstorm, create, and present in one place. Present your mind map, and we got animated transitions, and layouts covered.

Mind Map Your Way.

Right structure, and right theme makes a mind map stand out. The start of your mind mapping journey is different from before. You can determine your mind map your way.

Image Looks Just Right.

We’ve got more image style options this time. Not only it conveys information, but also feels like it’s both visual and textual a part of your mindmap.

New Look. Fresh & Cool.

It’s new, yet familiar. We don’t want to steal much of your attention. The spacious design helps you to concentrate on your mind map effortlessly.

New Structure. New Solutions.

Structure matters for a mindmap. We’ve re-designed a classical structure, and built a new one from the ground. Now, making mind maps is flexible and easy.

More Shapes. More Info.

Mind map can be imaginative and eloquent with more topic shapes. Mix and combine the topic shapes to create eye catching and relevant mind map.

Public Beta is Coming.

The beta will be released on our website. Stay tuned and be the first one to unlock the latest features.

Kindly notice that, beta is imperfect, so feel free to report bugs, crashes, flaws. Your feedback matters for our product to get better.

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Try Xmind Free
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