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Xmind Ambassador | Rahul Parwal: It's an Excellent Tool for Problem-solving and Thinking

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Xmind Ambassador | Rahul Parwal: It's an Excellent Tool for Problem-solving and Thinking

image “Computer Science & Engineering requires excellent visualizing and communication skills as a mind-intensive field. By letting you reflect/project your ideas in a visual & straightforward way, mind mapping reduces the communication gap to a great extent.”


Rahul is a software testing professional, blogger, speaker, and author based out of Jaipur, India. He has been mostly working on software testing for web, desktop, API & mobile-related stuff for the last 6 years. Occasionally, he also gets involved with paid/volunteer projects related to the software testing community and technical writing. He was once associated with Capgemini as an Associate Consultant (2016-2019). Currently, he is working with IFM Engineering as a Senior Software Engineer. image

My Story with Xmind

It wasn't until the year 2020, I was introduced to XMind by my mentor during one of his brainstorming sessions. The Outliner feature was something that caught my attention. Started as an XMind 8 user, I switched to XMind 2020 after its first release and stuck to it till today.

In my work as an engineer, Mind mapping provides a great deal of help. For instance, I once created a mind map to summarize a conference talk at Testflix by Ajay Balamurugadas. image To represent so many tips involving branching and grouping, I got quite a lot of help from Xmind. I also love the Pitch Mode a lot. Since the Xmind 2021 launched, I rarely spend time making presentations. Pitch Mode helps me with the apt animation and node-by-node flow.

Mind maps/Xmind is an excellent tool for problem-solving and thinking for me, and I don’t limit their use to just the professional world. I often use mind maps for a lot of personal things, too, like:

What I Can Offer my Audience

  • Creating/operating my own courses/guides using Xmind
  • Offering tips/supports for using Xmind (e.g., tips for creating mind maps)
  • Organizing Xmind events (e.g., online and offline workshops and webinars)

How to Get in Touch with Me

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Try Xmind Free
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