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Xmind New Features Arriving: Rich Text Styles, Image Frame and More!

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Xmind New Features Arriving: Rich Text Styles, Image Frame and More!

image Have been expecting multiple text styles in one topic for like a century? Here it comes!

In the latest Xmind 2023 (Beta), we have realized to set the text with different styles in one topic, which we call Rich Text Styles! Really helpful when you need to stress part of the content, right? Apart from this one, more practical features are ready to meet our users - Image Frame, Numbering, and Image Preview! Follow us to learn how they can facilitate your stuff.


Highlights & Tutorials

Rich Text Styles

Rich Text Styles allows you to set the text in one topic with different styles, like different colors, fonts, font sizes, bolding, and more. It facilitates you to give an emphasis on the key points. On one hand, your audience can get your points more easily and accurately; on the other hand, it reminds you of the valued information from time to time, making sure that your work proceeds smoothly and efficiently.

Select the content you would like to be different, enter the Format Panel, click Style, and start your setting! image

Image Frame

If you feel it tedium to only export a PNG image with no design at all, or if you want to share an exquisite image on social media, you must try the Image Frame. On the basis of adjusting the aspect ratio of the map to meet the sharing needs of different scenarios, it also allows for more refined processing of the map, including background, padding, shadow, radius, and other details. Five basic frame styles are provided for this purpose.

Click File > Export > PNG in the top bar, and get done with all the settings before you export the well-designed image. image


If you want to present ideas in a more orderly manner and enhance the hierarchical structure, the Numbering can come in handy. With this feature, you no longer have to bother adding serial numbers one by one, leaving more time for thinking and innovating.

Select the topics you want to add numbering, enter the Format Panel, click Style, and you can set different formats of numbering. image Or, select one topic and add numbering to it, press Enter, and the new topics will be automatically numbered. image

Image Preview

Allowing the insertion of local images into the map largely improves the content richness. In the previous Xmind, you could preview the images by zooming in on the whole map, causing more inconvenience during reviewing. Now the Image Preview can stop you from the unhandy operation and enable you to preview images easily and clearly.

Select an image, double-click on it or press Space, and you can view the original image. image

More You Need to Notice

  • The Task Tracking feature in the previous article is now officially available in Xmind, download it to enjoy!
  • The updates for this time - Rich Text Styles, Image Frame, Numbering, Image Preview - currently are only acquirable in the Beta version. Download it if you wanna be the first one to try!
  • Constructive feedback is always highly welcomed. We look forward to more discussions with you!
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