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XMind: ZEN is now XMind 2020!

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XMind: ZEN is now XMind 2020!


What’s in a name? Impression, reputation, characteristics, almost everything.

Spending 3 years of writing every byte, and we released XMind: ZEN at the beginning of 2018. One of our favorite features in it is called ZEN Mode. Offering an immersive editing experience, ZEN Mode allows you to keep your eyes open, stay concentrated and prepare for your success.

That’s what XMind: ZEN came for - focus on your content at hand, and focus on possibilities of success.

However, it is not just about ZEN Mode, or a simple lightweight software. It’s a full-featured and cross-platform productivity tool, our flagship product, a perfect one (so far), and a new favor for our users.

It has been crafted in a way that beyond our imagination and expectation.

Now it’s called XMind 2020, with dedication and sincerity from our team. We bring up some updates and improvements this time, let’s see what is in a name this time.

Equation Support

Where can I insert an equation? In a topic, or topics.


XMind 2020 supports LaTeX, a high-quality typesetting system features typesetting of complex mathematical formulas.

Insert Equation

Click Insert, then Equation, you can type or paste the equation in the pop up window.

Equation Preview

The Equation Preview allows you to check your equation instantly, and make edit right away.


Edit Equation

You can also drag and drop your equation from one topic to another, and adjust its position and size in the topic for better display. You can also click here for more information about it.


Now you can focus on the content and get the equation’s appearance done without much worries.

Enhanced ZEN Mode

What can ZEN Mode do? Quite a lot this time.


We love immersive editing experience, and that’s what ZEN Mode came for, and with more options this time.

Format Panel

Edit the mind map freely in ZEN Mode, from structure to style of a branch. Like what you did before.


Jot down ideas at full speed. You can find shortcut instructions and customize them right away.

More Edit Options

You can Search and Replace the content with the shortcuts easily, even you are reading a complicated map.

Bring on your ideas, and jump into ZEN Mode where your concentration and inspiration soar.

Import Word Document

What does it take for Word import? Several clicks.


We love to meet different formats, and present them in a mind mapping way.

Topics, identations, and lists can be well identified and presented. Images, hyperlinks, and notes in your Word document are also welcome and supported.

Have fun in switching between different formats, and find the best one for different tasks.

Theme Editor

What’s behind a new chapter? A whole new world.


More options, better customization. Theme Editor allows you to edit more to meet your needs.

Quick Style allows you to categorise topics priority in your favor with colors, text styles, even a cross out.

Big Little Improvements

Besides new features, we keep tuning current features for making it better.

• XMind 2020 speaks 7 MORE languages now, including Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

• Delete single topic without deleting its subtopics behind.

• Open Recent files in Launch Window.

• Export multiple mind maps to several PDF files via simple clicks, etc.

We hope you enjoy XMind 2020's "debut" and use it to work better, learn something new, and find your inner strength under this pandemic.

Stay safe. Stay healthy, and XMind 2020 is ready to stay with you. Click here for the latest version, Check Update in the software is on the way.

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