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image We’re excited to bring our Xmindists and their teams all the latest features and updates from, the web-based mind mapping tool designed for boosting teamwork efficiency. Get ready to explore a new level of productivity and collaboration with four powerful updates: Embed in Notion (Beta), Version History (Beta), Task Tracking, and Follow Collaborators.

Embed in Notion (Beta)

Notion users, rejoice! now completely supports Embed in other software like Notion, meaning you can embed your mind maps directly into your Notion pages. This feature brings a whole new level of flexibility and productivity to your working and planning.

Copy and paste the link of the mind map into your Notion page, and click Create embed. When you go back to your Notion document, voilà! Your mind map is there, ready for viewing!A practical scenario could be during team brainstorming sessions, where everyone can see and contribute to the mind map directly inside Notion.


For those who are in a distributed team across various geographical locations and collaborate in software like Notion, this new feature would be the best solution!

  • Before, they had to store mind maps in separate platforms and faced various problems: difficulties accessing multiple platforms, constant toggling between them, lost files, and inefficient collaboration. Efficiency was significantly impacted due to the disconnection of the two software.

  • Now with the new feature, they own greater accessibility to mind map files, meaning they can access the mind map files directly in Notion and even edit! Moreover, as files in are internet-based and subject to change, the embed will always display the most recent version, keeping your Notion workspace up to date. In other words, the change in will be displayed on your Notion page immediately and accordingly!


Version History (Beta)

We understand the criticality of tracing back changes made in a project, hence we bring you the Version History feature. Now, users can stop worrying they made a change that doesn't quite work or accidentally deleted something, because in the new release, every change is tracked, enabling you to revert back to any prior version of your mind map with just a click. In addition, it can serve as a historical record of your brainstorming or planning process. As each historical version can be viewed, this could be valuable for future reference or for new team members to get up to speed with the project they are working together on. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where unintentional edits are made in a shared mind map.

  • To access your version history, click the icon next to the document name, and click Version History.

  • To restore to a particular version, simply click on it.


Task Tracking

The Task Tracking feature, which was recently updated in Xmind 2023, was a hit among Xmindists and received a bunch of likes. Users can insert checkboxes into topics to set them as tasks, and check them by marking completed so you can better manage your tasks. Also, they can see the current progress of task fulfillment so as to have a rough idea of where they are and where to go next. And what’s more pragmatic is that users can filter the information they believe is not that vital and only show the tasks they want!

  • To insert a task, right-click the topics, click Insert, and choose Task.

  • Or select topics, and click the checkbox icon down in the tool bar.

  • To mark it as completed, just click the task checkbox to tick it.


--> Find more tips of the Tasking Tracking feature.

Follow Collaborators

We have also amped up our collaboration feature with Follow Collaborators. Now, users can follow collaborators’ actions in real-time, meaning that they are able to see who is doing what and when, and keep aware of the changing ideas and decisions in time.

Click the collaborator you want to follow, and you will enter his/her perspective.


This feature is especially helpful when someone is hosting. For instance, when team members are in an online meeting, following the hosting can help them be more engaged in the topics and discussions, and keep them aware of any updates in no time; when students are having an online class, following the teacher could get them more focused, so help them have a better understanding of knowledge.

More to Say

These new updates on not only boost productivity but also tangibly enhance collaboration, making this tool even more powerful. Enter to give these features a try and let us know how they're transforming the way you work with mind maps in our Discord!

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